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Choose Life

Anna’s already given her verdict on Abort67 but has she got it wrong? Our author argues that the real issue is the outdated, simplistic language and attitudes which cloud the abortion debate.

Complacency and Abort67

On Monday 40 protestors from the anti-abortion group Abort67 set up banners in Queen’s road showing graphic images of aborted foetuses. ANNA ISAAC doesn’t want us to get complacent about exactly what’s at stake.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC is treating madness with bagels. It’s a thing.

Anna Isaac

Anna Isaac is back to talk Samantha Brick and wisdom teeth. It’s been that kind of week.


They’ve arrived: the new Tab columnists for this term.

Look Back in Anger

CATHERINE AIREY isn’t looking back in anger.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC dedicates this one to all the people which made her columns possible. No, not you.


ANNA ISAAC finds a play which discusses some controversial issues with flair and sensitivity.

Anna Isaac

Will ANNA ISAAC be allowed to sleep this week? Obviously not.

Anna Isaac

Her frankest column yet.

A View from the Bridge

ANNA ISAAC gets gleefully Miller-ed up in a review of A View from the Bridge in the ‘Bridge.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC drops the c-bomb, loud and proud.

Anna Isaac

Mattresses everywhere this week for ANNA ISAAC.


ANNA ISAAC is left Elektrafied by this mesmerising performance.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC gets chugged into a tight spot. Learn to take a compliment, or banish the flatterers?

Columnists Revealed – Lent 2012

Time to find out the names you’ve all been waiting for…

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC needs some lovin’. Find out why, and also where the clitoris is.

The Playroom Duologues Competition 2011

KIERAN CORCORAN delights in double dollops of delectable duologuing deliciousness.


ANNA ISAAC on Berkoff and jerk-off in more or less equal measure. And SHOUTING.