Get over that break-up!

Tips to get you back on your feet ASAP

Do the Cambridge admissions statistics reveal a black access problem?

The latest admissions statistics reveal plenty of issues to address, but BME outreach should not be at the top of the list

New exam term first: Tab tries Brie with ecstasy

Middle aged mums are popping pills with cheese, is it worth the hype?

Want to change drinking societies? Don’t trust Grudgebridge.

The attack on drinking societies has escalated, but in the process it has gone off course.

The reality of being a male victim of sexual assault

In short, it’s shit

Jonathan Pie’s speech was rape-apologist drivel

CN: rape, sexual assault

Tim Farron’s record on homosexuality is liberal, not bigoted

Michael Gove and Liz Kendall show how intolerant we’ve become

Looking back on depression

It gets better

My experience of CICCU is one of hate preaching

CICCU’s unholy trinity: intolerance, judgement, and exploitation.

I had an abortion at Cambridge, and I was shocked at how taboo it still is

In an university with so many ‘clever’ people, I was shocked at how uneducated others were

Getting arrested as a teenager was the best mistake I ever made

My mistake should be a sign of strength

Being gay in a Muslim family

It’s time to stop using religious tolerance to defend intolerance

Ditching ‘Tokyo-to-Kyoto’ is patronising and ignorant

Can’t be bothered to learn the history of a country? Assume they’re all the same and yell ‘offensive’ whenever things get a little international.

A letter to my Samaritans saviour

It took a stranger on the end of the phone to keep me alive: why Cambridge needs to do more about mental health.

Confessions of a female compsci

An anonymous female compsci gives us the low-down on stereotypes, social butterflies and well-meaning supervisors.

CICCU is broken

Some names have been changed in order to protect the anonymity of the persons involved.

Alcoholism: The dark side of Cambridge

One recovering alcoholic’s message to everyone lost at the bottom of a bottle.

How To Get With Your Housemates

Wessex Clothing are hiring

I am a student drug addict: Part 2

We check back in with our recovering student addict

Why I make small-talk with my rapist

After this term’s consent workshops, an anonymous rape survivor speaks out

We're going to Switch this Friday – you should totally come

Sex on Tap

Review: TG present 'Love Song'

Ice Bucket Challenge: Fact from Fiction

Footlights President: The Interview

Tom Fraser, Footlights President: BNOC, Liam Neeson, David Attenborough, God, or none of the above? You decide.

VP Student Communities By-Election Candidates Announced

£30K Of Handbags and Watches STOLEN From Student

Grad Ball Headliner REVEALED

Gatsby Theme Grad Ball Acts Announced

Serious Sexual Assault in Southampton City Centre Park

VP Communities, Oli Coles, Quits Second Term

Woman Seriously Sexually Assaulted After Leaving The Edge

What to do if you are raped

Rape as an issue is often discussed, but what isn’t, is what to do if it happens to you.

The Sunday Serial: Episode 2 – The Good Samaritan

Last week was blackmail and cancelled garden parties, this week is megalomania and mice.

Review: Broken Arrow Productions' Debut Show – 'The Crucible'

Cambridge PEN Launch

MAGGIE BRIDGE is intrigued by Cambridge PEN’s launch

Family Threatened With KNIFE In Portswood

Violent Prisoner on the run to Southampton

BODY found in Southampton

Mayflower Halls Fire Was An Accident

Explosion and Fire at New Mayflower Halls Site

CANNABIS Factory on Gordon Avenue

Portswood Victory Centre to become Jobcentre Plus

Library doors to become REVOLVING following student complaints

Daylight STABBING in Portswood

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

There’s more to this hostage-situation play than meets the eye writes SAM RABY

The Importance of Being Improvised

LOUIS SHANKAR applauds a show ‘fully aware of its own ludicrousness’

University Challenge Quarter Final 3: Southampton vs Manchester TONIGHT

thing with feathers

REBEKAH-MIRON CLAYTON was not impressed with this piece of physical theatre

Found in Translation

CHLOE COLEMAN and TIM SQUIRRELL enlist the help of Google Translate to make sense of Found In Translation.

Southampton Council Will Recycle Glass

Oh Deer! Muntjac Euthanised at Corpus

A deer trapped on Corpus Christi property is put down by the RSPCA.

Elections 2014: The Exit Polls

Elections 2014: The Final Polls

Campaign Posters 2014: the HIGHLIGHTS

Animal Farm

ZOE D’AVIGNON praises the pigs of Animal Farm

Elections 2014: Presidential Showdown

Grey Matters

LARA FERRIS and MAGGIE BRIDGE very much enjoyed their soirée with Grey Matters.


University Challenge Quarter Final 2: Southampton vs Oxford's Somerville College, TONIGHT

The Presidential Problem: What the candidates should've put in their manifestos

Joke Candidate Now Takes Elections SERIOUSLY

Elections 2014: Who's won the starting vote?

Beard backs calls for more females in Academia

More than 50 senior Cambridge academics have called for a more ‘inclusive’ selection process for senior research positions.

Grad Ball Theme Announced

Footlights Presents: Dümpf

LOUIS SHANKAR reviews another ‘mixed’ night of comedy

Elections 2014: Predictions of Winners

The Other Line

SOPHIE WILLIAMS applauds this fantastic play

Mercury Fur

LOUIS SHANKAR is captivated by this shocking tale


LAURA PATERSON is let down by an ambitious drama that descends into cliché


Over here at Soton Tab HQ we’ve been attempting to go through the SUSU election manifestos so we can write about them with a bit of authority and prepare some obnoxious questions for the candidate debates.

REVEALED: 2014 Elections Candidates

Marking boycott PLANNED as UCU play trump card

“Ultimate sanction” could halt exam marking and prevent students from graduating

Writing The Perfect Elections Manifesto

Go-Ahead For 24 Hour Library

Not exactly A-don-is. Don sculpture fails to impress

Cambridge city council have rejected a bid for the erection of a 13 foot statue of a university don.


LAURA PATERSON enjoys a late-night, one-man sketch series at the ADC

University Challenge: Southampton in quarter-finals against Queens University, Belfast tonight

Tab Tries: Orbital Physics

Engling by name and actor by nature, ROBBIE AIRD sits in on a NatSci supervision and lives to tell the tale

Southampton students launch cycle charity

A View From Helen

New Culture Columnist HELEN SIMMONS shares her experiences of life after Cambridge – and how dream jobs are worth waiting for.


Oliver JAMES reviews an intense but mildly confusing adaptation of the classic Greek tragedy.

Is academia still a man’s world?

RACHEL HUNTER argues that the battle for academic equality is far from won.

What The Butler Saw

SOPHIE WILLIAMS is pained by this offensive, dated play.

January Exam Results To Be Emailed

Student MUGGED In St Mary's

Dr. Dick: Testing the Water

DR DICK is the Tab’s new advice columnist. This week he deals with a girl in a long-term relationship considering infidelity.

Those that can…teach?

Teaching has become the most popular career choice for Oxbridge-leavers. So much for the popular expression reports KATE MORRISON-BETTS.

FIRE In Highfield Student House


OLIVER JAMES reviews a magnificent night of dance at the ADC.


LOUIS SHANKAR reviews three extraordinary monologues playing this week at the Corpus Playroom.

Staff To Strike DURING EXAMS

Get Ready For Grad Ball 2014

The 24 Hour Musical

Notes on A Scandal: IMOGEN PHILLIPS reviews a night of madness, music and muggles.

Boy found in Murray Edwards

Eat, drink and pee merry; a “disorderly” boy was discovered in Murray Edwards having urinated in a jug overnight.

Woman Indecently Assaulted and Robbed in Portswood

A Present’s Perspective

Take a moment today to consider life on the other side…

Why I’m Not Feeling Festive

JESS FRANKLIN tells us why the holiday season is nut all it’s cracked up to be…