Get over that break-up!

Tips to get you back on your feet ASAP

Do the Cambridge admissions statistics reveal a black access problem?

The latest admissions statistics reveal plenty of issues to address, but BME outreach should not be at the top of the list

New exam term first: Tab tries Brie with ecstasy

Middle aged mums are popping pills with cheese, is it worth the hype?

Want to change drinking societies? Don’t trust Grudgebridge.

The attack on drinking societies has escalated, but in the process it has gone off course.

The reality of being a male victim of sexual assault

In short, it’s shit

Jonathan Pie’s speech was rape-apologist drivel

CN: rape, sexual assault

Tim Farron’s record on homosexuality is liberal, not bigoted

Michael Gove and Liz Kendall show how intolerant we’ve become

Looking back on depression

It gets better

My experience of CICCU is one of hate preaching

CICCU’s unholy trinity: intolerance, judgement, and exploitation.

I had an abortion at Cambridge, and I was shocked at how taboo it still is

In an university with so many ‘clever’ people, I was shocked at how uneducated others were

Getting arrested as a teenager was the best mistake I ever made

My mistake should be a sign of strength

Being gay in a Muslim family

It’s time to stop using religious tolerance to defend intolerance

I have problems with mental health and don’t want to be told how to feel about class lists

An open letter to the No Campaign

Ditching ‘Tokyo-to-Kyoto’ is patronising and ignorant

Can’t be bothered to learn the history of a country? Assume they’re all the same and yell ‘offensive’ whenever things get a little international.

A letter to my Samaritans saviour

It took a stranger on the end of the phone to keep me alive: why Cambridge needs to do more about mental health.

Confessions of a female compsci

An anonymous female compsci gives us the low-down on stereotypes, social butterflies and well-meaning supervisors.

CICCU is broken

Some names have been changed in order to protect the anonymity of the persons involved.

Alcoholism: The dark side of Cambridge

One recovering alcoholic’s message to everyone lost at the bottom of a bottle.

I am a student drug addict: Part 2

We check back in with our recovering student addict

Why I make small-talk with my rapist

After this term’s consent workshops, an anonymous rape survivor speaks out

Footlights President: The Interview

Tom Fraser, Footlights President: BNOC, Liam Neeson, David Attenborough, God, or none of the above? You decide.

What to do if you are raped

Rape as an issue is often discussed, but what isn’t, is what to do if it happens to you.

The Sunday Serial: Episode 2 – The Good Samaritan

Last week was blackmail and cancelled garden parties, this week is megalomania and mice.

Cambridge PEN Launch

MAGGIE BRIDGE is intrigued by Cambridge PEN’s launch

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

There’s more to this hostage-situation play than meets the eye writes SAM RABY

The Importance of Being Improvised

LOUIS SHANKAR applauds a show ‘fully aware of its own ludicrousness’

thing with feathers

REBEKAH-MIRON CLAYTON was not impressed with this piece of physical theatre

Found in Translation

CHLOE COLEMAN and TIM SQUIRRELL enlist the help of Google Translate to make sense of Found In Translation.

Oh Deer! Muntjac Euthanised at Corpus

A deer trapped on Corpus Christi property is put down by the RSPCA.

Animal Farm

ZOE D’AVIGNON praises the pigs of Animal Farm

Grey Matters

LARA FERRIS and MAGGIE BRIDGE very much enjoyed their soirée with Grey Matters.

Beard backs calls for more females in Academia

More than 50 senior Cambridge academics have called for a more ‘inclusive’ selection process for senior research positions.

Footlights Presents: Dümpf

LOUIS SHANKAR reviews another ‘mixed’ night of comedy

The Other Line

SOPHIE WILLIAMS applauds this fantastic play

Mercury Fur

LOUIS SHANKAR is captivated by this shocking tale


LAURA PATERSON is let down by an ambitious drama that descends into cliché

Not exactly A-don-is. Don sculpture fails to impress

Cambridge city council have rejected a bid for the erection of a 13 foot statue of a university don.


LAURA PATERSON enjoys a late-night, one-man sketch series at the ADC

Tab Tries: Orbital Physics

Engling by name and actor by nature, ROBBIE AIRD sits in on a NatSci supervision and lives to tell the tale

A View From Helen

New Culture Columnist HELEN SIMMONS shares her experiences of life after Cambridge – and how dream jobs are worth waiting for.


Oliver JAMES reviews an intense but mildly confusing adaptation of the classic Greek tragedy.

Is academia still a man’s world?

RACHEL HUNTER argues that the battle for academic equality is far from won.

What The Butler Saw

SOPHIE WILLIAMS is pained by this offensive, dated play.

Dr. Dick: Testing the Water

DR DICK is the Tab’s new advice columnist. This week he deals with a girl in a long-term relationship considering infidelity.

Those that can…teach?

Teaching has become the most popular career choice for Oxbridge-leavers. So much for the popular expression reports KATE MORRISON-BETTS.


OLIVER JAMES reviews a magnificent night of dance at the ADC.


LOUIS SHANKAR reviews three extraordinary monologues playing this week at the Corpus Playroom.

The 24 Hour Musical

Notes on A Scandal: IMOGEN PHILLIPS reviews a night of madness, music and muggles.

Boy found in Murray Edwards

Eat, drink and pee merry; a “disorderly” boy was discovered in Murray Edwards having urinated in a jug overnight.

A Present’s Perspective

Take a moment today to consider life on the other side…

Why I’m Not Feeling Festive

JESS FRANKLIN tells us why the holiday season is nut all it’s cracked up to be…

Improv from the Crypt

This sharp-witted, smooth and extremely entertaining’ performance gets the seal of approval from WILLIAM STARK and JOSH MARKS.

Tab Tries: A Vibrator

“Why fix the pipes yourself when you can just call a plumber in?” Never having masturbated before, our mystery reviewer tries the ‘Thrill’.

The 24 Hour Plays

They’re not perfect, but INDIA MATHARU-DALEY is nonetheless impressed (and bemused) by this year’s short-and-sweet offerings.

Rachel Tookey: Week 8

Unhappy? Need somewhere to vent? In her final column, RACHEL TOOKEY speaks about her own unhappiness in Cambridge and offers a solution…


Already tired of shopping for others? This week, Johannes Lenhard has a few recommendations: some for the more frugal, and some for those with a little more cash to spare. Happy spending!


Visitors are paying £2000 per night to stay in St John’s. The catch? John’ s doesn’t know. JOSH SIMONS has the story.

The Sunday Serial: Episode 6

The Sleepy Corridor is settling into the new rhythm of Christmas with the stranger. A strange calm reigns. This can’t last forever. Join OLD DAL for the calm before the storm…

Tab Guide: Taking Photos with Film

Natalia Molina-Harno teaches you how to use film cameras. Properly.

We Need to Talk About Death

CHARLIE BELL wants us to stop burying our heads in the sand and remember that we’re all going to die (and that’s ok).

What’s On: Week 8

It’s Week bloody 8 already! Have no fear, Culture will make sure you juice the last of this term’s cultural delights.

Alex Jackman: Week 8

In his last ever column, ALEX JACKMAN takes you on a mental trip around his top five happiest places in Cambridge.


NATALIA MOLINA-HARNO enjoys this unusual play, but is left a little confused by its mixed bag of emotions.


MADDIE BROWN is blown away by ‘one of the most exciting theatrical endeavours to hit the Corpus Playroom in recent times’.

Rachel Tookey: Week 7

Columns within a column? How meta. It ends there, though, says RACHEL TOOKEY in a bid to end Cambridge pretentiousness

Football Report: Blues 4 – 3 UWE Hartpury

SIMON COURT reports as the light blues shock the best team in University football.

Accessible Cambridge: An Alternative View

ABI PALMER says it’s time to rethink the way we talk about the problems facing disabled people in Cambridge.

10 Films For Those Questioning Love

It’s a dark Sunday, you are halfway through your MIMS revision, and you doubt that love ever existed. NATALIA MOLINA-HARNO talks you through the films capable of restoring the faith…

What Your Choice of Cambridge Club Says About You

Going out tonight? HARRY ELLIOTT analyses you as a person based on your clubbing choices

12 Days of Bridgemas Playlist

ARTHUR FIELDING whips up some Bridgemas spirit with this festive playlist.

Sex in the Cam – Week 7

I did something bad this week. Now, there aren’t a lot of things I regret; I’ve had a lot of sex in my time and a reasonable amount of sex this term and I stand by every one of those random shags. But this time I’ll admit that I’ve crossed a line.

What’s On: Week 7

Looking for something to do? We’ve cobbled together a creative combination of curiosities coming up to the final weeks

Cutie and the Boxer

“Undoubtedly the film works as a casual portrait of an elderly couple, but I couldn’t help leaving the cinema feeling dissatisfied”. MAYA HAMBRO gives her verdict.

Run Santa Run!

Merry Bridgemas: run around Cambridge in Santa costumes to raise money for charity!

The Penelopiad

It’s not perfect, but TILLY SCULLION finds that this provocative play is still worth leaving the library for.

Buzz Backs Out

Apollo-ing news for The Union as Dr Aldrin becomes the latest high profile speaker to drop out.

Not-so-Undercover: Pierce Brosnan spotted around town

Cambridge gets shaken, not stirred, when 007 is spotted in town.

Alex Jackman: Week 7

This week ALEX JACKMAN is dismayed by the mixed responses to his serious journalism, so ejects a big pile of stereotypical columnist word-vomit.

Odd Things About King’s College, Cambridge

IMOGEN CHITTY talks us through the idiosyncrasies of Cambridge’s strangest College.

And The Horse You Rode In On

This thought provoking student written play is well worth a trek in the cold, advises CHARLOTTE IVERS.

An Earlier Heaven

It may not be particularly remarkable, but MEGAN DALTON nonetheless enjoys this display of unaffected humanity.


JOSH MARKS and WILLIAM STARK enjoy a funny evening showcasing this year’s fresher talent.

Under Lock-and-Caius: College Burglar to serve 50 weeks

A thief with more than 40 convictions is caught stealing from Cambridge Colleges. Again. HANNAH GRAHAM reports.

The Butler

“If Forrest Gump was the white Hollywood version of US history, intersecting famous historical events with personal narrative, then The Butler is its demanding, subversive, powerful little brother”. LARA FERRIS reviews the latest Oscar contender.

Planet Cambridge: The Tab Explores Cambridge’s Wildlife

IZI GOODER explores and dissects the subject wildlife of Cambridge…

Rachel Tookey: Week 6

This week, RACHEL TOOKEY talks about religion and suggests that we all do a little less arguing and a little more listening.

The Footlights President Meets: Ex-Footlights President

BEN POPE the current Footlights President, had a chat (interrogation) with the former Footlights President, PHIL WANG, ahead of his show Anti-Hero coming to Cambridge.

Tab Tries: Not Being a Feminist

CHARLOTTE IVERS explores the other side as an anti-feminist…

Selwyn (Only Just) Stands by CUSU

Selwyn students vote to re-affiliate with the student union. HEATHER MCKAY reports.

Alastair Campbell: The Man Who Hates Cambridge

The former spin-doctor lectures Cambridge students about “A Life at the Nexus of Media and Politics”

Sex in The Cam – Week 6

This week in SEX IN THE CAM, our mystery woman finds pleasure and pain in unexpected places

Tab Tries: Cigars and Whisky

JOSH SIMONS reviews the manliest products on offer to man…


BEKAH-MIRON CLAYTON is indelibly impressed by this bold and unnerving production.

One By One

BRONTE PHILIPS dares to explore this innovative piece of theatre where only one audience member is required.


This play may have an agenda, says HELENA ROY, but it brings together reality and theatre appropriate to an evolving and relevant fight.


LEWIS WADE wishes this original and relevant play could have had a bigger audience

Don’t Give More To Charity, Give It More Effectively

MILLY BOTES and RACHAEL HORE tell us how to make our charity more effective

Rachel Tookey – Week 5

This week (need we even say which week it is?) RACHEL TOOKEY tells you all to stop overthinking and just get on with it.

College Rugby: Downing’s Winning Run Comes To An End

Downing’s 600 day winning streak is brought to an end by fortunate Selwyn-Peterhouse.

Review: Cambridge Hot Chocolate

ANNA WILMOT stalks the streets of Cambridge in search of the perfect cup o’ choc

Review My Loo: The Chemistry Department

LOU ROHL reviews the Chemistry department toilets, giving them a floating 2.5 stars…