Anna Sheinman

Anna Sheinman
Cambridge University


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St. John’s May Ball

ANNA SHEINMAN finds John’s just short of utopia in our highest rated May Ball review.

Peterhouse May Ball: Best Dressed

ANNA SHEINMAN picks the best dressed from Peterhouse May Ball.

May Ball Survival

ANNA SHEINMAN guides you through the marathon of May Ball survival.

Why We Broke Up…

ANNA SHEINMAN asks Tab readers why their relationships at Cambridge ended. Here’s what they told her…

Bums, Aliens and Victorian Porn: The UL’s Secrets

Vaginas, Jewish porn and anal surgery: the UL’s got it all if you know where to look. ANNA SHEINMAN gives you a tour of the library’s dirtiest corners.

The Language Of The Like

That chirpy Facebook thumbs-up is undermining our use of language, one happy click at a time.

Summer Blog: My Summer In Your Hands

Click here to see ANNA SHEINMAN plank in Berlin’s most famous places…

Time to Slutwalk

ANNA SHEINMAN goes ‘slutwalking’ and discovers that this a movement for all – and one to be reckoned with.

Slut Walk

Don Blackmailed Over Gay Sex

An unknown Cambridge Don was blackmailed by a rent boy for £6,000, it emerged yesterday.

Adoption: A Crying Shame

A recent BBC2 documentary forces ANNA SHEINMAN to question our laws regarding adoption.

Starving, Blessing and Post-it Noting: Extreme Eating in Cambridge

Three Cantabs with very different diets: sporting, religious and medical. ANNA SHEINMAN hears about gourmet cereal, getting grumpy and fatal anaphylactic shock.

Cambridge Pub Map

Pub crawls just got much, much easier: it’s every pub in Cambridge, on a map.

Tab Tries: Online Dating

This Christmas holiday ANNA SHEINMAN spent a month looking for love online. Instead she found chili peppers, terrorists and “female manual stimulation”.

The Tab’s Big 2010 Quiz

See how closely you’ve been following the Cambridge news this year with three rounds on the last three terms.

Last Minute Presents

48 hours until C day and still no presents have been purchased? Panic not, here are The Tab’s last minute tips.

Tab Travel: Spend Winter Far Away

Thinking of getting away from it all in an exotic location? ANNA SHEINMAN advises you on the best winter breaks far, far away from Blighty.

Tab Travel: Winter Break in Europe

ANNA SHEINMAN looks forward to the Christmas holidays with three ideas for winter city breaks on the cheap. Read here for her suggestions.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

ANNA SHEINMAN has a laugh, with caveats.

Freshers’ Info: Grab A Pint

ANNA SHEINMAN offers five of the best watering holes for when the college bar gets too depressing/full of people you don’t want to feign interest in any longer.

Review: A Little Night Music

ANNA SHEINMAN: ‘all in all, not a totally unpleasant way to spend an afternoon’

Flower Power

We show you how to find Cath Kidston Florals for a fraction of the price

Review: Scatpack

ANNA SHEINMAN enjoyed the show but would have appreciated some variety and a few smiles.

Review: The Merchant of Venice

ANNA SHEINMAN applauds ‘acting… so clear you could probably get the plot if you were deaf, let alone not that comfortable with Shakespeare’.

Sexperts at Sidgwick

Sexperts have taken over the Sidgwick Site to answer all your burning questions about sex in Cambridge – WITH PICTURES.

Review: The Heartbreaks You Embrace

ANNA SHEINMAN enjoyed watching the ‘horrified faces of all the other audience members’.

Review: Over The Bridge

ANNA SHEINMAN swoons over the sweet singing eye candy.