Clare closes its doors to public after tourists caught entering students’ ROOMS

In the latest episode of Gown vs Tourist

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Clare College has banned the public from entering the college following several incidences of tourist trespassing.

Despite signs warning visitors to keep to marked pathways, visiting tourists have been caught in the Scholars Garden, walking on New Court and even entering students’ rooms. As a result, the college has banned visitors from the site for first time in its history.

Renown for its beauty, the college has been subject to a massive influx of unscheduled tourists in Michaelmas and Lent, most of whom arrive by bus, reportedly leaving porters overwhelmed. While Clare usually closes to visitors for the revision period, in a recent health and safety review the decision was made to close the colleges gates until Summer term.

Speaking to the Telegraph, a college source said “We have had a lot of trouble with bus loads of tourists turning up without warning and we can’t cope from a health and safety perspective.”

“We are just fed up of them. They wander around posing for photos and making lots of noise,” the source said.

Tourists were trespassing in the Scholars Garden

“In the summer term we have custodians and porters on duty at the weekends but during the spring and autumn there is only one porter. Many of the tourists ignore the signs which say private and wander wherever they like.”

“We have had problems with tourists entering private parts of the college such as students’ rooms and even the roof.”

A Clare student, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Tab: “After nearly two years of changing minds, it’s a relief that the college have finally decided to close off to the public. I was once sitting at my desk in my towel and a tourist walked into my room and started taking photographs of me.”

“She didn’t speak English and didn’t understand my requests to leave. Cambridge students will still be allowed through the grounds, and the beautiful gardens will hopefully be open for everyone in the summer.”

In a move that will certainly reassure students using the famed University Library cut through, the source did note that entrance would be possible with a CamCard during Easter term. Tourists will pay a £4.50 entrance fee.

Humanities students can rest tight knowing they won’t have to walk the extra distance down Silver Street.