Clare College

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David Attenborough spotted in Clare

A rare sighting of this majestic creature

Clare closes its doors to public after tourists caught entering students’ ROOMS

In the latest episode of Gown vs Tourist

Clare College gives 70 year old member ‘the chop’

A fell from grace for the College

Compulsory consent workshop left empty as not one fresher turns up

If a consent workshop occurs but no one is there to hear it, did it even happen?

The Murder of Giulio Regeni should shock Cambridge students

The harsh realities of Middle Eastern dictatorships have inserted themselves into the Cambridge community in brutal fashion

Shafted! Golfers “stabbed in the back” by Master of Clare College

Lord Grabiner, Clare’s Master, is helping a top British golf club evict its old members and charge a £100,000 fee to rejoin

BEST BUMS IS BACK: Do you have Cambridge’s divinest derrière?

A whole year has passed, Cantabs have evolved – expect this year’s bums to be peachier than ever

Hugh’s University

Cambridge. A place of neo-gothic splendor, brogues, mature cheddar and oil paintings.

The Futureheads to Play Clare May Ball

The Futureheads are the final act to join King Charles and Correspondents as headliners at Clare May Ball 2013.

UPDATE: Bomb Scares At Girton And Churchill

Two more bombs scares today leave students frustrated and concerned.

Orpheus and Eurydice

Clare College Opera deliver a sleek, seamless production with sensational singing for ALICE CARR

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 0

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG should be studying and so should you, frankly, but we won’t tell anyone you’re here. Promise.

Fresher Bags £3,000 For Stem Cell Research

A Natsci fresher has won a European award for stem cell research she did over the summer.

Debate: Is Burlesque At Clare A Step Back For Women?

Burslesque is coming to Clare Ents. Is it a step back for women at Cambridge, or just a bit of fun?

Review: Clarinet Recital at Clare

JOE CONWAY found a recipe for success: ‘Take a beautiful and historic venue with admirable acoustics… The result? A satisfying musical feast.’