VetMed van burgled by thieves seeking ketamine

Police have warned of deadly drugs being sold on the streets of Cambridge

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Thieves believed to have been targeting ketamine broke into van outside the Veterinary Medicine Department on Wednesday night, taking potentially deadly chemicals.

The theft is known to have occurred between 5pm on Wednesday and 10am on Thursday, with seven bottles of pharmaceutical taken.

The thieves have stolen a drug, which could be very dangerous if taken by humans, from the University and could be selling it on the streets. Police have warned about the possibility of the drugs, used for euthanising animals, being sold to unsuspecting users as ketamine.

Speaking to The Telegraph, a Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said: "The medication they have taken is extremely dangerous if taken and would pose a threat to life to any individual who were to consume it."

The police are seeking the individuals who stole the drugs. In the meantime, ket enthusiasts are advised to take a break from their habits.