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Are you more New Labour or all about the big society?

Ever wondered how Conservative mathmos are? How Socialist the sociologists are? Whether John's is the Tory college? Just how commie actually is King's?

In the spirit of hard-hitting investigative journalism, The Tab is seeking to answer all these questions and more. While students are generally portrayed as a sensitive lefties by the national press, we recognise that the real picture is far more complex. Cambridge is a hugely diverse place, with students from all walks of life, and indeed most nations of the globe, so to treat the student as a uniform mass of political idealism seems flawed.

If you would like to help reveal the nuances of Cambridge's political picture, simply take this short anonymous survey. You'll be asked short questions about your college, subject, extracurricular activities, and of course, your political affiliation. It takes no more than a minute, and every response helps up get a more representative view of the student body.

Like John's and Caius pointing at who's more Tory

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