May Bumps: Day 2 Round Up

HUGH CARSON brings you analysis and predictions from the second day of bumps.

blades bumps caius Day 2 downing girton headship may bumps Mitchell Cup Newnham overbump spoons Triple Overbump

With two out of the four days of Bumps down, we’re officially Half Way! There’s been plenty of excitement today, with the racing starting off with a Triple Overbump from Darwin in the M6 division, and plenty of divisions where you would be hard pressed to fit any more bumps in.

Poor Sidney – before the Triple

The Big Picture:

The battles for Headships didn’t see much action today, but elsewhere there was some pretty interesting developments. Newnham continue their race up the W1 division, bring the promise of an interesting race for Downing, whilst Murray Edwards continue their perfect score, with 6 bumps from 3 boats, meaning they’re all on for blades, and the domination of the Mitchell Cup. Homerton too put in a strong day but sadly the end of a few of those Blade dreams for their second boats, falling foul of the sandwich boat fate.

On the flip Jesus had a bit of a torrid day, with 5 out of 8 boats on for spoons, but their M1 are still doing really well up in the first division. Churchill and St Edmund’s are also bearing the brunt of other clubs successes, with both having 2 out of their 3 boats on for spoons.


1 Caius

2 Downing

3 First and Third

4 Jesus (+1)

5 St. Catharine’s (-1)

6 LMBC (+1)

7 Pembroke (-1)

8 Queens’

9 Fitzwilliam

10 Clare

11 Emmanuel (+1)

12 Magdalene (-1)

13 Christ’s  (+1)

14 Trinity Hall  (-1)

15 King’s

16 Churchill

17 Girton (+1)

18 Robinson (-1)


At the top, once again the top two weren’t up to much, with both crews pushing down by the railway bridge after the gaps opened up. Jesus continued their charge through the rankings, much to the message boards confusion, and took St Catz scalp, giving them what must be one of their highest placings in a while. LMBC made up for lost time today and took out the Pembroke boat sent down by Jesus, though it’ll be little consolation for missing out on their much hyped Blading opportunities. Christ’s and Emma also both put in solid performances, moving up steadily with Emma still on for Blades. Of course, eyes were always going to be on Girton however, and congratulations to them, they’re finally in the correct division, but admittedly still the wrong end of it.


Jesus to keep their momentum, but to pay dearly for it, FaT have a real habit of taking crews to dark places when they’re bumped, and don’t expect anything less tomorrow. LMBC should also continue up, leading Catz one step closer to a spoon barge fate. Girton will continue apace, and it’ll be interesting to see whether they see Ditton or not.


1 Downing

2 Newnham  (+1)

3 Pembroke  (-1)

4 Jesus (+1)

5 Christ’s (-1)

6 Clare  (+1)

7 Emmanuel (-1)

8 Queens’

9 Caius  (+1)

10 LMBC  (-1)

11 First and Third (+1)

12 Trinity Hall  (-1)

13 St. Catharine’s (+1)

14 Magdalene  (-1)

15 Girton

16 Selwyn (+1)

17 Churchill (-1)

18 Peterhouse


There were a huge number of bumps in this division, with only four boats left rowing over. The big story here is definitely Newnham, after not receiving a huge amount of attention, they look like they might give Downing their first actual race in a long time. Lets hope they’ve not forgotten how after so much time at the top.

Jesus too put in a solid performance, and are still looking for Blades, this is shaping up to potentially give an exciting final day. After many years of teasing, Caius have finally brought home a bump, and with little more than 40 strokes, they’ll be looking for more tomorrow. Churchill and LMBC however are both on track for spoons after pretty painful campaigns so far.


The Race at the top is going to great, definitely worth getting a place at Ditton for. Jesus will be loathe to let their M1 upstage them and should continue their progress up. The Caius, Queens, Emma combo is probably going to end up being over in a flash, expect Caius to go off like a bat out of hell to try catch Queens’ before they can deny them again by Bumping out like the first day.


1 Girton  (+1)

2 Downing II (-1)

3 Homerton (+1)

4 First and Third II (-1)

5 Peterhouse

6 Selwyn


8 Caius II

9 Jesus II

10 St. Edmund’s

11 Sidney Sussex

12 Pembroke II

13 Wolfson

14 Corpus Christi

15 Christ’s II (+1)

16 Anglia Ruskin –(1)

17 Queens’ II (+1)

18 Darwin (-1)


This was the complete opposite of the W1 division, with the largest consecutive row over yet this bumps. Homerton and Girton both made quick work of their bumps, making up the ground by the gut and Grassy respectively, so the attention was quickly shifted away. Peterhouse did well to hold Selwyn after it closed to a nerve wracking distance. Queens’ II also did well to make the jump into the right division, and will be happy to be out of the sandwich position. FaT II and Darwin both on for spoons, and Christ’s II are the only boat on for Blades still in the division, after Girton’s well deserved exit.


With Girton having escaped up to the M1 division, Downing II will be looking to attack Robinson, but with them having had trouble chasing them at the bottom of the first division, it could be difficult. After such a large row over in the midst of the division, expect a few crews to go try some tricks tomorrow and there might be a few exciting bumps as crews go for a Fly or Die strategy.


1 Peterhouse

2 King’s

3 Pembroke II

4 Murray Edwards (+1)

5 Sidney Sussex (-1)

6 Fitzwilliam (+1)

7 Emmanuel II (-1)

8 Robinson (+1)

9 Jesus II (-1)

10 Homerton (+1)

11 Newnham II (-1)

12 Darwin (+1)

13 Anglia Ruskin (-1)

14 LMBC II (technical row-over)

15 Downing II (+1)

16 Clare II (-1)

17 Hughes Hall

18 Wolfson


A huge pile of bumps through the middle of the division and with all the bumps done by the Plough, this was all over pretty rapidly. After a bit of controversy surrounding the Darwin bump, LMBC were awarded a technical row over. Peterhouse did well to hold off King’s who were agonizingly close to the Bump coming round Ditton, but let it slip away down the reach. There are still four boats on for Blades: Murray Edwards, Fitz Homerton and Downing II, and four on for Spoons: Emma II, Jesus II, Anglia Ruskin, and Clare II.


Kings wil try and make up for how close they got today, and try for the Bump on Peterhouse before they can get to the reach and open up the gap. Murray Edwards will continue to gather pace and smash into Pembroke II, Fitz should also have a good day, will Emma II may be sent down.


1 Queens’ II

2 Clare II

3 Hughes Hall (+1)

4 St. Catharine’s II (-1)

5 Emmanuel II

6 Selwyn II

7 Peterhouse II

8 First and Third III (+1)

9 Lady Margaret III (-1)

10 Robinson II

11 Trinity Hall II

12 Magdalene II

13 Girton II (+1)

14 Fitzwilliam II (-1)

15 Emmanuel III (+1)

16 Churchill II (-1)

17 Queens’ III

18 King’s II


After getting whistles at Grassy, Clare failed to rise to the occasion, and let Queens’ II get away, but it turned out to be the impetus they needed, as Queens’ will be sending Darwin down to replace them tomorrow. Further down, Hughes Hall, FaT III and Girton II put in solid performances and are all still on for Blades, whilst poor Churchill II is crashing away and on for Spoons.


Hughes Hall, FaT and Girton are all looking good, expect them to all keep moving. FaT might be in for a harder time, coming up on another M2. Churchill will be at the mercy of the sandwich boat fates, but maybe having their opponent having raced earlier can save them.


1 Wolfson (+1)

2 Trinity Hall II (-1)

3 Caius II (+1)

4 Corpus Christi (-1)

5 Christ’s II

6 Queens’ II

7 Selwyn II (+1)

8 Girton II (-1)

9 Pembroke III (+1)

10 Magdalene II (-1)

11 St. Catharine’s II

12 First and Third II

13 Emmanuel III

14 Murray Edwards II (+1)

15 Clare Hall (-1)

16 Newnham III

17 Sidney Sussex II

18 Homerton II


A good few bumps through the division, with Wolfson putting in a solid performance taking out Tit Hall II despite them initially opening up the gap, but after failing to capitalize on it in the W2 division, they’ll be back tomorrow. Caius II also bumped up on Corpus early, clearly exorcising those demons from that close call yesterday. Murray Edwards II and Selwyn II both put in solid performances to keep their Blades dreams alive.


As Wolfson row over at the head of the division tomorrow, Caius II will be left with the whole course to try and reel in Tit Hall II, which should be a good watch. Selwyn II will also look to keep their momentum up and take out Queens’ II who’ll have to pull out something special to get the jump on Christ’s II before they bump out. Corpus Christi will continue their mare of a week, but maybe they’ll still get past First post corner.

The Big Row Over at the top of M4 provided some tense racing


1 Kings II

2 Caius III

3 Pembroke III

4 Clare Hall

5 Downing III (+1)

6 Wolfson II (-1)

7 Clare III (+1)

8 Darwin II (-1)

9 Selwyn III (+1)

10 Jesus III (-1)

11 Trinity Hall III (+1)

12 St. Catharine’s III (-1)

13 First and Third IV

14 Christ’s III (+1)

15 St. Edmund’s II (-1)

16 Corpus Christi II (+1)

17 Jesus IV (-1)

18 Homerton II


The four row overs at the top of this division provided some pretty thrilling racing, with all of the crews getting inside of station on each other, but nobody managing to make that final jump over the stern wave and into the Bump. This division is also at the risk of being dominated by spoon barges, with Wolfson II, Jesus III and IV, and St Edmund’s II all handing out bumps to all comers. Christs III and Clare III are still on for blades though, and both should hope to make short work of the boats ahead tomorrow.


Clare III to bump Darwin II, and Christ’s III to get FaT IV, but don’t expect either to be too easy, Darwin II still have the chance of managing to Bump out on Wolfson II and escape their fate. Homerton II will also be looking to use Jesus IV to spring them up further towards the correct division.


1 Homerton II (+1)

2 St Edmunds (-1)

3 Christ’s III (+1)

4 Jesus III (-1)

5 Fitzwilliam II (+1)

6 Darwin II (-1)

7 Peterhouse II

8 King’s II (+1)

9 Hughes Hall II (-1)

10 Queens’ III

11 Selwyn III

12 Pembroke IV

13 Murray Edwards III (+1)

14 Clare III (-1)

15 Lady Margaret III (+1)

16 Trinity Hall III (-1)

17 Robinson II

18 Sidney Sussex III


This division is also accumulating the Spoon Barges, with St Edmunds, Jesus III, Darwin II, Hughes Hall II, Tit Hall III and inevitably Sidney Sussex III, all on for spoons. There is some light in the tunnel though: Murray Edwards III continue their clubs killing spree, bringing home another fine bump. Kings, Fitz and LMBC also all but in solid performances


Murray Edwards III will keep momentum, and Homerton II will stay on top. Christs and Fitz should both also make short work of their hand-me-downs.


1 Homerton II (+1)

2 Magdalene III (-1)

3 Christ’s IV (+1)

4 Lady Margaret IV (-1)

5 Hughes Hall II (+1)

6 Sidney Sussex II (-1)

7 First and Third V (+1)

8 Pembroke IV (-1)

9 Robinson III

10 King’s III (+1)

11 Sidney Sussex III (-1)

12 Queens’ IV (+1)

13 Caius IV (-1)

14 Girton III (+1)

15 Jesus V (-1)

16 Magdalene IV (+1)

17 Fitzwilliam III (-1)

18 Lady Margaret V


This division was only one short of a perfect score when it comes to number of bumps, but it wasn’t to be. Homerton made it to the top but were denied their exit by a swift bump from Corpus Christi in the next division. Hughes Hall II, Kings III, Queens’ IV and Magdalene IV all kept their dreams alive, with LMBC IV, Pembroke IV, Caius IV and Jesus V all still looking pretty open to the possibility of Spoons.


Magdalene IV to continue their rapid rise and send Jesus one step closer to Spoons, along with the rest of the Spoon barges, which at this stage are really beginning to hand out the bumps.



2 Christs V

3 Clare IV (+1)

4 Corpus Christi III (-1)

5 Emmanuel IV

6 Selwyn IV (+3) OVERBUMP

7 Queens’ V (+1)

8 Girton IV (-1)

9 Downing IV (-3) OVERBUMP


11 Homerton III (+1)

12 Clare V (-1)

13 Queens’ VI (+1)

14 Robinson IV (-1)

15 First and Third VI (+1)

16 Emmanuel V (-1)

17 Sidney Sussex IV (-7) TRIPLE OVERBUMP

18 Corpus Christi IV


It seems that this division will never fail to deliver, straight off the bat there was an overbump as Downing IV continue to fall with impressive pace, but that wasn’t enough. After having repeated steering issues, and parking themselves around Grassy repeatedly, Sidney Sussex IV were triple overbumped, this is the biggest bump I’ve ever seen, but I’m informed it’s not unheard of.


Frankly, after the utter chaos of today, I think predictions here would be pretty useless. I can’t decide whether Darwin continuing their rise or Downing getting Overbumped again would be the more amusing result.