Fake News Column: The Bridge of Whys

Fresh off the press that is Donald Trump’s Twitter account

REVIEW: A Festival of New Writing

A day at Downing Dramatic Society’s A Festival of New Writing.

Rugby Cuppers Preview: 5 teams to watch

It’s not just John’s and Jesus

Which manhole cover is your college?

Week 7 and we’re scraping the bottom of the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel of scrapings

Cultures should never be themes

Using Tokyo-to-Kyoto as a form of entertainment would have only furthered the growing insensitivity towards Asian cultures

Lent Bumps: Day four

Lent Bumps: Day 2

more rowing

Lent Bumps: Day 1

Fitz are on fire

What kind of date is your college?

Yep, it’s fucking Valentine’s Day today

‘Whose University?’ backlash: who got it wrong?

 There’s bitter division in the ranks at the Tab Cambridge over that pernicious question: Whose University is it anyway?

Being a fresher sucks

JOE GOODMAN lends some advice to all those freshers not feeling at home quite yet.


A rather rude pumpkin is demanding squatters’ rights from Downing’s Master

Fit College: Downing Vs Queens

This week Downing and Queens battle it out for your votes. Who will emerge victorious?

Tab Meets: Brave Illusion

JULIE HUTCHINSON meets Brave Illusion, a four-piece blues band from Cambridge.


We are unimpressed by an over-ambitious staging of The Great Gatsby.

Boxing: Gowns beaten black and blue by Town

Read all about the mixed night for our University Boxers in the annual Town vs Gown encounter

Dominant Downing Win The League

Fresh from nearly having his eye poked out by a Downing player, Henry Pritchard reports on the decisive college league match this season.

College Rugby: The Great Reckoning

With all to play for in the final weeks of the Division One season, HENRY PRITCHARD assesses the teams, as four remain in competition for the title.

Urine Trouble! Student Banned From College Bar

A Robinson student was slapped with a bar ban after being found in a puddle of urine… in his own room. JOE WHITWELL reports.

Tompkins Table 2013: The Results

JOE WHITWELL tells you everything you need to know about this year’s Tompkins Table. Which isn’t much. It’s pretty much the same as last year.