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Newnham Cut the Rent protests provoked by proposed rent hike

The College announced plans to increase first year and freshers’ rents by 2.7 per cent next year

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White students shut down BME Open Mic Night

Students complained they didn’t enjoy the BME performances

How to get on the right side of your Bedder

Don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bedder.

Cambridge’s Best Benches: Part 3(a)

All you need to know about Cambridge’s Benches

EXCLUSIVE: Newnham secures Top 10 duo as headliner

The astrologers already knew.

Newnhamite Asia Lambert wins election to become Cambridge Union President

No, not CUSU. The other one.


Nothing wrong with a bit of negativity.

You Can’t Sit With Us: Newnham vs Medwards

The Hunger Games had nothing on this.

The Tab chats to Cambridge’s first feminist comedy night

Chris Waugh and James Wilkinson tell all about the predominance of cis white males in comedy and how to fix it.

The Newnham College Smoker: On fire

MOLLY O’CONNER spent a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the Newnham College Smoker

Porters suffer freak injuries from dangerous doors at Newnham

In a spate of freak accidents, the door to Newnham’s Plodge is causing injuries and all-round chaos.

Chaos at Newnham as male intruder bursts into girl’s bedroom

A mysterious collection of Y chromosomes has wreaked havoc in Newnham after they stumbled in a girl’s bedroom.

Cambridge Misconceptions

Thought you knew Cambridge? Well think a-bloody-gain!

College Swap: Newnham VS Robinson

HENRIK WETTER-SÁNCHEZ becomes a honorary girl for the evening while TILDA MALLINSON explores a red brick fortress.

Newnham: Lock Up Your Door-ters

Last weekend, Newnham found a nude-man wandering about its corridors, prompting an e-mail to be sent out from the porters. HEATHER MCKAY reports.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

CHLOE COLEMAN and LEYLA LESNIAREK-HAMID aren’t convinced by this twenties take on Shakespeare’s classic.

A Vicious Cycle: Cambridge Bikes ‘Nicked’ In Broad Daylight

Undercover cops ‘stole’ four bikes from the middle of Cambridge in broad daylight…and nobody reported them.

Cambridge Legend Mary Beard Faces Twitter Bomb Threats

Professor Beard was subjected to multiple Tweets last week threatening to bomb her home in Cambridge.

Fit College

The two all-female colleges clash in this week’s Fit College.

May Bumps: Day 2 Round Up

HUGH CARSON brings you analysis and predictions from the second day of bumps.