EXCLUSIVE: Newnham secures Top 10 duo as headliner

The astrologers already knew.

headliner Newnham

SNAKEHIPS will be headlining this year’s Newnham June Event.

The insanely cryptic teaser for the headliner was “the missing piece of the zodiac”, which played on the theme, “Cosmos”.  As Cambridge’s keen astrology community will know, there’s actually a 13th zodiac – Ophiucus, the serpent-bearer, so named because he has a snake around his waist (geddit?).

Snakehips made their name with Hype Machine doing remixes for Bondax, Banks, The Weeknd, and Wild Belle.

Credit: Snakehips Facebook page.

The pair, comprised of Brits Oliver Lee and James Carter, is an electronic group best known for the single, “All My Friends”, which peaked at No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart and No. 2 in New Zealand.


At least 50% of the chorus is directly relevant to what will probably happen at the June Event, including “All my friends are wasted”, “Man I drink too much” and “I’m crawling back to your bed”.

On my last day on earth, I would …

Newnham June Event Music Coordinator, Katie Hind, said: “We’re so excited about our headliner. Ever since hearing their remix of Bondax – Gold in 2013, I’ve followed their rise to success, and love their summery, electronic, R&B vibe.

No but seriously you should buy a ticket. Make Katharine happy.

“Their EP Forever (Pt. II) felt perfect for the direction of our event this year.”

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