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Police investigate Cambridge rowers for “causing unnecessary suffering to an animal” after wildlife are killed

The crime carries a penalty of up to six years in prison.

EXCLUSIVE: It’s democracy gone mad as students push for ANOTHER referendum – this time on class lists

Some students BOOED at Senate House when it was announced that the public reading of maths results was to be discontinued – and now a petition has been launched by students angry at the proposed abolition of class lists.

BREAKING: CUSU Council votes to kill print edition of The Cambridge Student – after two ties in dramatic vote

TCS consigned to the scrap heap of online-only newspapers.

17-year print run of The Cambridge Student under threat after “frankly disgusting” CUSU cuts

Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Elsa Maishman accused CUSU of “sheer incompetence”.

WHERE’S THE MONEY COMING FROM? Pembroke fellows in pickle over pricey Dearlove portrait

Bryan Organ, the commissioned artist, is well-known for his portrait of Princess Diana.

Selwyn grads vote to REJECT women’s hour in gym after claims it would amount to “segregation”

The result comes after a claim of a “specific case of sexual harassment that happened in the gym”.

ANALYSIS: Colleges with more women get more firsts

Paper based on Tompkins Table data proposes “reducing the proportion of male students”.

Jesus students victorious as college agrees to remove stolen Benin Bronze from hall

But the college still hasn’t confirmed whether the Okukor will be repatriated.

EXCLUSIVE: Newnham secures Top 10 duo as headliner

The astrologers already knew.

Newnhamite Asia Lambert wins election to become Cambridge Union President

No, not CUSU. The other one.

University backtracks on plans to install “drunk tanks” outside college plodges

The shocking proposal comes from Eastern Europe, where the police use them to detain drunk revellers.

JOHN SIME: “Boris Johnson’s a lad.”

We interviewed the Emma mathmo running for CUSU prez. He likes free speech.

ANGUS SATOW: “I don’t just want to win this election. I want to smash it.”

We spoke to Zero Carbon and Magdalene JCR BNOC Angus Satow, running for CUSU President.

Missionaries, presidents and royalty: The first black men to attend Cambridge University

Nnenda Chinda, who co-founded the Black Cantabs initiative, said the project was inspired by the need to make black students aware of their history in the university.

BREAKING: Caius announces May Ball theme

It’s long and in Latin.

Tab Tries: Cambridge Escape Rooms

We got locked into several locked rooms for an hour and had to solve a series of weirdly difficult challenges to get out.

Clare May Ball Committee forced into “full ticket recall” after college revolts at ticket blunders

Clare: Not so demure and friendly after all.

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Tab’s BIGGEST BNOCs: Special Mentions + Top 50

We promise to stop milking this stupid idea after this article. Really.

EXCLUSIVE: How Cambridge considered creating its first new college since 1977

The college, with upfront costs of £80m, would have been the first since Robinson in 1977.

Market Square thugs knock out ‘Cambridge uni fucker’ in random attack

The attack happened two days before the Town vs Gown boxing match – just metres away at Guildhall.

REVIEW: Inside MedSoc’s Crystal Ball

This year’s MedSoc Ball was all about the fortune teller.

EDITORIAL: Why a potentially lethal safe space needed to be exposed

Or when a safe space ceases to be safe.

CUSU alleged to be pushing for the ABOLITION of the Graduate Union

All the scintillating student bureaucracy goss we know you can probably wait to hear about

Cambridge Tab under new management

Slim prospects of marginal improvement

News Bulletin, Christmas: White tie violence, CUSU print drama and Varsity head patting

We round up the news

Law student says “SUE ME – I DARE YOU” to law magazine

Lay off my intellectual property, says Fitz student

TAB TV: Meaning of Life: LOVE

Hot topic inside and outside of Kuda.

Tab TV: Cambridge students react to Assange’s talk

We spoke to Union members last week.

“I have to express amusement”: Tompkins bemused by CUSU’s War on Table

We spoke to Peter Tompkins of Tompkins Table fame.

Arc night of the soul: Reputation of ArcSoc in tatters after chaotic Halloween event

ArcSoc’s Halloween ent – “The Metamorphosis” – morphed into a nightmare probably more appropriate for Halloween than planned.

EXCLUSIVE PICS: The inside story of Saturday’s star-studded £2 BILLION fundraiser – and Stephen Hawking as you’ve never seen him before

Security was tight.

OPERATION SUCK UP: University to launch £2 billion cash grab this weekend – and Prince Willy will be on hand to help

The tagline is: “Dear World … Yours, Cambridge”

Tab TV on power: trousers, hair volume and why you should fuck the patriarchy

Alice Pavey out on the mean streets of Cambridge. Sidney St, that is.

TABMAS: Freshers wake up to pidges chock a block full of tabloid goodness

The Tab to abandon online operations, return to print

Cambridge’s most obscure societies*

We went beyond the clichéd ones (Tiddlywinks, anyone?) to find Cambridge’s most obscure societies. *(AKA ones that are a tiny bit niche and were also willing to speak to us. Which was not that many.)

Gonville and Knees Up: Caius bop cancelled after raucous night out

Caius’ Freshers’ Bop this Saturday has been cancelled after “a large number of complaints and incidents last night”.

Trinity JCR President: council risking student safety to save money

“Cambridge is not some kind of hamlet whose roads aren’t used after midnight,” he said.

Non-religious, left-wing, feminist, pro-life and proud

Non-religious, left-wing, feminist pro-lifers exist in Cambridge.

Support the grant cuts? Wake up to your own privilege

We have a right to be angry about cuts to maintenance grants.

Wyverns ditch jelly wrestling as Magdalene donors throw wobbly

Look forward to a jellyless garden party

May Balls: Overpriced fun since 1866

TERESA BARON on why May Balls are overrated.

Bruised Trinity students fight bed tyranny

Inspired by Newton, Trinity students are leading a campaign for change

Sport and sexism: why Cambridge needs to lift its game

TERESA BARON argues that sexism in Cambridge is a problem waiting to be exposed

Stop complaining: you love exams

Exam term is hard. Get over it.

Cambridge exam terms: an ethnography*

*My understanding of what ethnographies actually involve is deeply shallow. I know that they are used in Social Anthropology. Please forgive any errors in the application of what is surely a rigorous and well-validated way of analysing human society.


We can do without the faux-feministing

Men, we’re better than porn

The Tab isn’t the only thing you close when your mum walks in

This house shouldn’t regret organised religion

NEAL POINTON tells us why we reached the wrong conclusion in Thursday’s Union debate.

Volunteering in Africa isn’t a chance for you to live out your Lion King dreams

Africa is not your playground

Can we all be nice about politics for once?

Tories aren’t so different from you and me

You’re not so unique you don’t have to vote

If you’re not going to vote, come up with a better excuse, says XAVIER BISITS.

Don’t believe the slander: Chamali Fernando is a decent candidate who deserves your vote

The Tories don’t just deserve a chance – they have a chance in Cambridge, argues CHARLES FISHER in part three of the Tab’s new series, ‘Who to vote for in Cambridge and why you should give a shit’

Raging Trinitarians booze it up in Caesarian Sunday madness: take out frustrations on table tennis bat, giant Jenga

In a first for the college, students have been caught not studying

Julian Huppert: freedom fighter, top bloke

Julian Huppert is the Chosen One, argues REECE EDMENDS in part one of the Tab’s new series: ‘Who to vote for in Cambridge and why you should give a shit’

Why is CICCU so frickin’ annoying?

Text a toastie or else.

Oxford and Cambridge are like sauces

MEGGIE FAIRCLOUGH would like to draw your attention to a fascinating parallel.

Stop pretending you’re a commie

HARRY RICHER is capitalist and proud.

Did you realise it was St George’s Day yesterday?

JOHN DARLISON reckons you didn’t.

I’m too young to be a mum

MEGGIE FAIRCLOUGH fears the prospect of having college kids.

Yes, I will keep up my long-distance relationship in Cambridge

Lose your cynicism, people. Long-distance relationships can work.

Feminism and the LGBT movement are not enemies

Equality isn’t a zero sum game.

Why can’t we just all be friends?

XAVIER BISITS on Cambridge’s penchant for bickering.

Dome is home

Don’t diss Medwards.