A Vicious Cycle: Cambridge Bikes ‘Nicked’ In Broad Daylight

Undercover cops ‘stole’ four bikes from the middle of Cambridge in broad daylight…and nobody reported them.

Andrea Gilbert bike crime CCTV. Cambridge police Lily Carlisle Market Square Newnham

Unbelievable CCTV footage shows members of the public walking by while plainclothes cops use bolt-cutters to nick bikes before making their getaway.

The ‘thefts’ were a stunt from the boys in blue to tackle Cambridge’s cycle crime problem, as a whopping 2000 bikes were stolen last year.

Officers from Cambridge Constabulary urge everyone to report cycle thefts when and where they happen.

Sgt Andrea Gilbert says ‘Sadly people are too reliant on others to report crime, but we need everyone to play their part.

‘We are committed to tackling bicycle crime, which is an ongoing issue in the city, but we need the public’s help’.

Cambridge is world-famous as a cycling city, but residents and students suffer from a high rate of bike crime.

Wheely bad

Lilly Carlisle, a 4th year Arabic student at Newnham told The Tab how her two wheels were recently nicked from Market Square, where Cambridge cops were ‘stealing’ their own.

‘I locked up my bike in town the other day – just for a minute – and when I came back it was gone! I went to the police station and gave them my bike number but I haven’t heard back since.

‘But this is a normal thing in Cambridge, you just accept it’.

Will nothing cut the brakes on Cambridge cycle crime?