Newnhamite Asia Lambert wins election to become Cambridge Union President

No, not CUSU. The other one.

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Asia Olivia Lambert is to be President of the Cambridge Union in Michaelmas 2016 after gaining 248 first round votes, against 216 for Josh Ellis and 166 for Charlotte Petter.

She told The Tab: “I am so pleased to hear the results of the election. The team I have to work with for Michaelmas 2016 are fantastic and I cannot wait to start working with them. I congratulate Charlotte and Josh for both running excellent campaigns in this election.”

She added: “I’m sorry that’s so vanilla.”

But if Asia is a woman of the vanilla-quote variety, her campaign video certainly wasn’t. It trialled a new technique in Cambridge of seeking endorsements from non-human entities, also seen in the recent videos of Amatey Doku, who won the election to become CUSU President yesterday.

“Peregrine”, from Asia’s campaign video.

Asia ran on a platform of engaging outsiders, freezing membership fees and never shying “away from hosting speakers who may be considered controversial”.

The Union’s Lent 2016 elections are done one term in advance, meaning that Asia will be Union President in Michaelmas. Her full team will be:

President – Asia Lambert
Executive Officer – Daniel Chouchena (313 votes)
Speakers Officer – Annabel van-Daalen (212 votes against 171 for James Burn)
Treasurer – James Antell (219 votes against 79 votes for Miles Kekwick)
Social Events Officer – Penelope Jones (232 votes against 109 for Aleksei Opacic)

Cambridge breathed a collective sigh of relief as this term’s Union election failed to assume the same proportions as last term’s blockbuster showdown between Charlotte Ivers and Sachin Parathalingam, both of whom were involved in The Tab, as Editor and Associate Editor respectively, and arguably worse people for that very reason.

The Cambridge Union.

The only excitement came with the intrigue surrounding Sachin’s candidacy. The Union was filled with speculation as to whether or not he’d run for President again after last term’s loss. But after opting to run for Executive Officer, he finally bowed out, leaving a clear run for eventual winner Daniel Chouchena.

Having said that, the elections weren’t all boring. Facebook evidently thought enough was enough with this latest round of Union hackery and blocked candidates desperately trying to drum up support by messaging Facebook friends. It seems those policing the social media website took issue with any messages or posts containing the link to voting on the Union website.

We LOVE U Facebook

The Tab congratulates the next generation of hacks.