Why CUSU needs to undergo democratic reform and shed its ideological bias

“I have been called a ‘Tory’ and accused of peddling ‘right-wing dogwhistles’” – The Tab speaks to Peter McLaughlin

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A Defence of Jordan Peterson

Peterson – and the controversy enveloping him – are more nuanced than detractors and supporters would admit

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Can it B-ME?

Why we need a full-time BME Sabbatical Officer

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Does Student Government Matter?

The Girton JCR President weighs in.

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Getting involved with the Cambridge LGBT+ community: A guide

Tips from the CUSU LGBT+ Committee

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The rise of the far-right in Cambridge

The Tab investigates this swell of hatred, and how it is being combatted

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CUSU data confirms just how dramatic the rent situation is

‘All colleges are the same’ is clearly not true

The Tab Investigates: Cambridge and Remembrance Day

Have the right weaponised Remembrance Sunday to wage Culture War?

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CUSU REJECTS strike action refund

Students could have been compensated hundreds of pounds each by the University

The Tab’s Political Survey: The Results

How Conservative is your college? How socialist is your subject?

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Have the student left become more unsettling than the right?

Despite the prevalence of student activism lately, most students are still disengaged

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Joe Cotton has 48 hours to appeal this ruling

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Pooled colleges must axe rents

Pooled applicants are disadvantaged by extortionate charges

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Pinning strikers and homeless against each other makes no sense

Let’s not forget who the true dickhead here is

LIVE BLOG: CUSU/GU Election Coverage

Another year, another twelve months of student representation…

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Confessions of the WannaBNOC

The innermost thoughts of the big fish in your pond

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CUSU delegate election results announced

The full lineup revealed

Why you absolutely must go to your college’s consent workshop

One in three women are sexually assaulted on campus

LIVEBLOG: The CUSU Freshers’ Fair 2017

Visit our stall, sweet and lovely freshers, we await

Being BME at Cambridge

A guide to some of the best societies