Being BME at Cambridge

A guide to some of the best societies

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Although only 18% of the student population at Cambridge are BME, the number of BME events, activities and movements to join are in no way limited. Here are five of the best.

CUSU BME Campaign

CUSU BME represent the voice of minority students within CUSU and work to empower BME Cantabs within the University. They’re most active on twitter, so follow them @CambridgeBME to keep updated with news of what they’re doing!

The Afro Caribbean Society

Cambridge Youtubers at the ACS Affair

Cambridge Youtubers at the ACS Affair

Now, I’m not African or Caribbean myself, but that did not stop me from becoming a lifelong member of one the most powerful societies within Cambridge. The African-Caribbean society has a clear goal – to Educate, Empower and Entertain – and boy do they live up to that expectation!

From the initial ‘Nandos meet and eat’ to the elegant yet turnt up ACS Affair, last year this society provided Cambridge students with good vibes, good music & good food. What more could you want? The society had also made national news this year in their efforts to inspire black students to apply to Cambridge, specifically young black males, who represent a mere 0.3% of students at the University.

Their presidents include Nissy Tee, Courtney Daniela and now Ore Ogunbiyi, who have all been featured in the press for their activism. The ACS just keeps getting bigger and better.


Another big one within Cambridge for BME students is FLY. Alongside it’s amazing zine and blog, FLY provides a safe space for women of color and non-binary genders.

The group allows room for discussion for their members in encouraging to share their experiences with one another, ask for advice, and seek comfort from being around individuals who understand and support each other.

They are as ready to create change as any other society – this year they put out a cultural dress photoshoot, showcasing the beautiful stories of pride behind every photograph.

Cambridge University Hindu Society

Credit: Cambridge University Hindu Cultural society

Credit: Cambridge University Hindu Cultural society

If it’s fun, colour and enthusiasm you want, The Cambridge Hindu Society is the place to go. They hold a wide range of events throughout the year, from their popular Diwali dinner to the famed fun of Holi, as well as staging the ever-successful cultural arts show Mastana.

The Cambridge Hindu Society is the perfect example of a society illustrating to the world the beauty of a culture and a religion.

Other Religious Societies

Moving away to a new and specifically white environment, many BME students face challenges to their personal faith. As one of the very few Muslim students in Wolfson College, it’s very easy to feel isolated when it comes to religion.

That’s why Cambridge University has many religious societies to meet our students’ needs. From JSOC to numerous Christian and the very well-known ISOC, religious societies help provide students with access to religious safe spaces and welfare systems designed to help with personal issues around faith not covered by the typical advice services.