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Can it B-ME?

Why we need a full-time BME Sabbatical Officer

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The rise of the far-right in Cambridge

The Tab investigates this swell of hatred, and how it is being combatted

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The ‘Stormzy Scholarship’ comes to Cambridge

We’re blinded by his grace

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Pembroke student proposes ‘White Majority Officer’

A woefully misjudged and offensive attempt at a joke

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White students shut down BME Open Mic Night

Students complained they didn’t enjoy the BME performances

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Munroe Bergdorf talks about oppression, intersectionality and speaking out

‘If I monitor everything I say it would be watering down what I mean’

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REVIEW: Fences

Another leap in the right direction

Over 100 MPs call for Oxbridge to end ‘social apartheid’

82% of offers are made to students in the top two social classes

Being BME at Cambridge

A guide to some of the best societies

A Summer of Racism

The past few months have been… a lot

REVIEW: Nine Parts of Desire

A shattering, stunning portrait of Iraq and its people

Jesus students push for return of stolen artefact – after accusations of “colonial narrative” in original motion

Jesus College Student Union has voted to repatriate a bronze cockerel, or okukor, to Nigeria.