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CUSU delegate election results announced

The full lineup revealed

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The election results have just been released for next year's delegation to the NUS conference that will be take place in March in Glasgow.

This year 11 Cambridge students campaigned for one of the six coveted spots on this delegation, with only five places actually up for election, as one is given to the incumbent CUSU president, Daisy Eyre. This has been regarded as a particularly tough campaign and a competitive election compared to recent years.

The election of delegates had a turn out of 1,295 ballots. This seems very low for a student population of 23,803, but in fact turnout doubled year-on-year in an encouraging move towards increased engagement with student politics.

Lola Olufemi was one of the successful candidates

One of the victorious candidates is Lola Olufemi, also CUSU Women's Officer, who was subject of recent vitriol from the Telegraph which lambasted her for her campaign to decolonise the curriculum. She has campaigned on policies such as reducing the black attainment gap, and a zero tolerance policy on sexual assault.

The other newly elected delegates are Carine Valarché, Connor MacDonald, Miriam Gauntlet, the secretary of the CUSU Women's campaign and Angus Sotow, the co-founder of Zero Carbon Divestment Campaign.

Today also marked the unveiling of the results for other CUSU roles, results are shown below.

Access and Funding Campaigns Officer: Faria Tabassum and Shannon Bernard Healey.

Education Campaigns Officer: Matt Kite and Jason Okundaye.

Ethical Affairs Campaigns Officer: Jin Choi and Fieke Van Der Spek.

Union Development Campaigns Officer: Angela Xia and Miranda Hewkin Smith.

Welfare and Rights Campaigns Officer: Carolyn Irvine and Felicity Kersting.

Ethical Affairs Officer: Dylan Amin, and Ellen Pearce-Davies.

The specific details of the results can be found on the CUSU website by clicking here.