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Edan Simpson
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CULC Ditches Alistair Campbell as Honorary President

The University Labour Club has instead made Dianne Abbott, Muntadhar Al-Zaidi and Marielle Franco their new honorary presidents

Emmanuel College issues a TOTAL ban on smoking within College Grounds

If anyone wants to smoke, they will be required to leave the college site completely, or be liable for a £100

Glitterbomb responds to allegations of mistreatment of student performers

Patrick Cant, the manager of Glitterbomb’s Cambridge branch, has issued a comprehensive statement addressing issues brought up in the article


Frankly, we’re shell shocked

The Most Romantic College proposal ever?

In the stunt of the century, one man, two women, and the city of love combine for the most extra college proposal EVER

The Tab Talks to Miz Cracker

World Renowned Drag Superstar Miz Cracker decided to pop to Cambridge for a show, a lecture, and most significantly a cheeky little chin wag with this lucky editor

BREAKING: University ties to fossil fuel companies revealed

Close financial links between the University and oil companies impacted divestment

The Tab’s Top 11 dating app disasters

We asked, and you delivered (in an utterly spectacular fashion)

The Tab wants YOUR inappropriate dating app messages!

From Grindr dick pics, to bungled Bumble messages The Cambridge Tab wants YOU to give us the sordid details

In defence of content warnings

Political correctness gone mad or just being empathetic

More Zero Carbon protests

The Corpus Clock was targeted

The Tab’s SNAP ELECTION survey

With the government potentially crumbling as we speak, take our survey and find out (next week) which party your college would send to Parliament!

BREAKING: Zero Carbon Banner Drop in 11 Colleges

Around 70 Zero Carbon affiliated protesters are engaged in action across the university

BREAKING: Zero Carbon protesters DISRUPT Shell annual lecture

19 Zero Carbon activists protested a panel discussion hosted by Shell

Which RuPaul’s Drag Race Queen is your college?

Arguably The Cambridge Tab’s most controversial article to date

The Tab Investigates: Cambridge and Remembrance Day

Have the right weaponised Remembrance Sunday to wage Culture War?

The Tab’s Guide to Interior Design

How to beautify your freshers’ room!

The Cambridge Blues: Oxbridge officially has the saddest music taste in the country

But have no fear, The Tab is here with a sick af playlist for you all to bawl and boogie to ???

Breaking up on the Bridge

The Tab’s Guide to Crushed Hearts in Cambridge

Student Journalism: What’s the point?

A takedown of Cambridge’s clogged student paper scene

There’s two types of middle class at uni – no one wants to be the posh kid

The intricacies of defining Cambridge’s all-encompassing ‘middle class’

Dealing with self-gaytred

A gay man’s guide to confidence in Cambridge