Daisy Everingham
Editor of The Cambridge Tab

Most of the public think Oxbridge don’t do enough for access

I mean, can you blame them

University say blue lights were installed by ‘mistake’

We were informed via a statement from Cambridge’s MP

University has installed anti-rough sleeping lights across some of its locations

A source told The Tab that it was an act of ‘social violence’

Students march through Cambridge to protest ‘corrupt’ university action on Divestment

People were chanting ‘this is what democracy looks like’

Uni to receive £100 million donation from ex-student

It’s the largest single donation in the uni’s history

Medward’s students call boycott of second year meetings with President

The boycott has been called for by the ‘Murray Edwards Student Collective’

Why you Should Care about being Bribed to do the NSS Survey with Hot Drinks

It’s not quite worth a uni cafe filter coffee.

Coming Up at the Union Lent 2019

Definitely some you won’t want to miss

New Colleges for disadvantaged students are not the way forward

It borders on patronising

The Tab News Round Up 2018

Remember when a VetMed van was robbed for ket?

Academic community fights appointment of ‘racist’ fellow at St Edmund’s

His studies in ‘social science’ aren’t morally sound

Mixed bag for Cambridge at Rugby Varsity

Women smashed it but the men not so much

Being political at the ‘friendly’ college

College’s effort to silence dialogue is suffocating

Rainbow Cafe to shut down

Where am I meant to take my out of town vegan friends now?

Students march against ‘Corporation Cambridge’

‘Divest. Disarm. Decolonise.’

Why I wear a white poppy

Here’s the way I choose to Remember

Rick Astley…at Cambridge?!

Some Never Gonna Give You Up joke

CUSU data confirms just how dramatic the rent situation is

‘All colleges are the same’ is clearly not true

LIVEBLOG: Midterms 2018

How does Cambridge react?

Former student found guilty of sexual assault

The full sentence will be heard on 13th December