Deuce-y gossip and advice served up by Boris Becker at the Union

Quickfire shots of Boris Becker’s Sunday afternoon interview

SMEAR campaign overshadows Cambridge Union election

In other news, water is wet.

How to ditch the weirdo you regret making friends with in Freshers’ Week

We all have that one ‘friend’

Newnhamite Asia Lambert wins election to become Cambridge Union President

No, not CUSU. The other one.

The Pitt Club Website has been hacked

Mummy won’t be pleased

Tim Squirrell – The Tragedy of Enthusiasm

In his first columnn, TIM SQUIRRELL regales us with his thoughts on motivation, identity and keen freshers.

Girton Geeks Hack Worst College

HACKED! Girton hackers have cheated The Tab’s innocent ‘Worst College’ competition.

UPDATE: University Computers Hacked

Update: the Oxford University computer network’s security has also been compromised.