Catriona Flesher
News Editor of The Cambridge Tab

News Column Week 5: Royalty and rancid drains

Sweet, sweet juxtaposition

News Column Week 4: Mumsnet and more democracy

It’s like a 21st century French Revolution

Jacob Rees-Mogg responds to naked debate challenge

Caius professor Dr Bateman challenged the Brexiteer to a naked debate last week

News Column Week 3: Crime, conspiracy theories and combustion

Despite the snow, things are hotting up in Cambridge

Protest sparked by Girton gym’s woman and non-binary hour

The hour was introduced by the JCR midway through Michaelmas

Date for Cambridge’s first ever Pride announced!

The Jesus Green will be the stage for a celebration of Cambridge’s LGBT+ community

Medwards President responds to student boycott

Dame Barbara said she was ‘saddened’ to hear of the calls to boycott meetings with her

Murray Edwards set to hike up rents once again

The 2.4 per cent rise comes despite Medwards’ current position as one of Cambridge’s most expensive colleges

NUS proposes to defund its Trans Campaign

The National Union of Students is currently the only national body solely representing transgender students

News Column Week 2: Forbidden hoops and fantastic flags

Week 2 of Lent sounds like a Horrid Henry book

Six Cambridge Colleges are now offering discounted May Ball tickets to bursary students

Downing, Jesus, Pembroke, and Homerton have joined Hughes Hall and Wolfson in a bid to make Cambridge culture accessible to all

News Column Week 1: Resurrection, rogue tourists and released from the bunkabins

New year, same Cambridge

When the CEO of Spoons came to town

Literal pub politics

Could beef be the biggest beef of Lent term?

‘We’re not saying thou shalt not eat beef – we’re just not serving it’

Former Cambridge student imprisoned for sexual assault

Erogogbo was sentenced to 15 months and issued with a restraining order

What bad Christmas gift is your college?

The #facts you really need to know this Bridgemas

Cambridge’s top haunts

A Christmas Carol, brought to you by The Bubble’s own poltergeists

What a load of rubbish

Yay, another environmentalist rant!

Cambridge: The university for the 18th century

What’s a whiteboard?

In defence of tourists

Hear me out