You Can’t Sit With Us: Newnham vs Medwards

The Hunger Games had nothing on this.

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The time has come again where we pitch your college’s most stylish against each other, leaving you, the public, to decide who is best-dressed. At a risk of sounding like the X-Factor narrator this week, it’s the battle of the girls as Newnham take on fellow gyals-only college Murray Edwards, for what promises to be a gladiatorial showdown of style and sass. Enjoy.

Murray Edwards

Annabella: Classics, Miranda: Engineering

Strong from Murray Edwards. The tonal outfit/ sneaker contrast works well in today’s minimalist world, with the ever-useful Stan Smiths having an added twist with the velcro. Leather Jackets and bling ahoy, this urban chic works very well as a transitional, winter to a summer outfit.


Rosie: Geography, Georgia: Geography, Lucy: Classics

Mesh, mesh and more mesh. And appliqué flowers. And tribal patterns. Very Coachella from Newnham, with the high-waisted skirts and baggy cropped trousers screaming 21 and over USA festival, while keeping a hint of good old blighty Glasto vibes. Elegantly done.


As spring approaches, who do you think has been victorious? Medwards too stuck in winter? Newnham too far into the summer? In a difficult season for fashion, you can have the final say: