You Can’t Sit With Us: Newnham vs Medwards

The Hunger Games had nothing on this.

Finn McRedmond Week 2: I wish I was cool

Have you met my friend Dave? Dave is cool, like really cool. And he knows that you know it.

The renaissance of the Facebook poke

I got poked and now I can’t stop thinking about sex

What I say vs. What I mean

I’m smiling but I probably don’t mean it.

DMCs need to die now

Do us a favour

The ‘base’ sex system is really screwed up

A hole’s a hole

Review: You can’t take it with you

No one seems to take themselves too seriously in this vibrant and energetic, although certainly not entirely flawless, performance.

Babylon Disco

LOUIS SHANKAR finds that this two-man show manages to perfectly balance the absurd with the conventional.

Sweet Charity

OLIVIA BELL is underwhelmed and disappointed by a show that had so much promise, but delivered such limp results.

I screwed my supervisor

Have you ever fantasised about a particularly hot fellow? For me it became a reality

If it’s crap, the only way out is wet

This week, ELINOR LIPMAN goes punting for the first time

Tab Tries: Flavoured Condoms

Tired of the monotonous taste of regular condoms? MELISSA JONES is here to explore the more exotic variety…

Shit College: Churchill Vs Fitz

This week, two titans of awful architecture battle it out for the ultimate accolade of definitively being the shittest.

Tim Squirrell – Isolation

As exam season truly begins, TIM SQUIRRELL wants to broach the topic of isolation in Cambridge.

GERIATRIC CARNAGE: Cambridge Alumni Wreak Havoc on Caesarian Sunday

In an annual tradition that plagues drinking societies across Cambridge, old boys return and run riot.

The Hanging Christian – Episode 9

It’s finally time for the violent climax as everything kicks off on King’s Parade…

The Hanging Christian – Episode 7

Freya puts her life on the line as she goes undercover back into the cult. Will she be found out?

Tab Meets: Alan Davies

ANNA WILMOT speaks to legendary funny man, Alan Davies, about QI, Jonathon Creek, and the follow-up to his long-awaited return to stand-up comedy with his show, Little Victories.

Diary of a Reluctant Virgin: Week 6

This week the rapacious ELLIE SLEE has a bit too much fun at a club and comes to some shocking realisations…

Let The Footlights stamp on their own critics

In response to the defence of The Footlights, TOMMY SHANE argues for the importance of criticism over blanket praise.