Charlie Dowell

Charlie Dowell
Cambridge University


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Wiping My Bum With Varsity

Suck it.



Tab Treats: Instagram Omelette

A dish fit for the internet

What is the point of CUSU?


You are not alone


Tab Treats: Mr Mussels

A valentine’s special found clinging to a rock.

The Quiet World of Quizzing

Charlie Dowell: Week Three

3084, year of the TOSH

Charlie Dowell: Week 3

Tab Treats: Keep Calm and Curry On

Another curry pun and an entertaining dish for five.

Why you will engage in politics – because of money

It’s all about the money…

Tab tries: Living with nine fingers


Whine of the Week: Childhood Nostalgia

CHARLIE DOWELL hates your mistaken love of childhood.

How to spot a public school student

CHARLIE DOWELL gives us the latest on how to track down a posh twat

Whine of the Week: Feminism

CHARLIE DOWELL has had just about enough of this feminism malarky

Haiku of the Week: Week 7

The week roles into a prime number. Another haiku rolls onto your screen. Tanoshimu.

Whine of the Week: Pavement Crawlers

CHARLIE DOWELL hates people who walk slowly.

Haiku of the Week: Week 6

Another week, another attempt at crudely organising seventeen syllables, another Haiku. Tanoshimu.

Whine of the Week: Kisses in texts

Let’s get angry about letters in messages

Haiku of the week: Week 5

Time like an ever rolling stream moves on to week five. Another haiku, another moment in Cambridge. Tanoshimu

Whine of the week: Stubborn Northerners

CHARLIE DOWELL doesn’t understand why people like the North.

Haiku of the week: Week 4

Horror, costumes and drama; another week, another haiku. Tanoshimu.

Whine of the Week: Couply Couples

Infatuated with your boyfriend/girlfriend and hate wine? Don’t read on

Haiku of the week: Week 3

The nights get longer, term marches on and there is another haiku. Tanoshimu.

Whine of the week: Leavers’ hoodies

Hate leavers’ hoodies? Love wine? Read on

Dogs of Cambridge

Canines snapped around Cambridge and their inspirational stories

Haiku of the week: Week 2

An eventful week, another haiku. Tanoshimu.

Whine of the Week: Fucking Pedestrians

Like wine? Like complaining? Read on.

Haiku of the Week: Week 1

The end of freshers’ week and another haiku. Tanoshimu

Freshers’ Week in a Series of Renaissance Paintings

Want to know what freshers’ will be like? The old masters had it covered.

Haiku of the Week: Week 0

Relax into Cambridge with seventeen syllables of wisdom. Tanoshimu.

Life Hacks for May Week

CHARLIE DOWELL gives you a couple of quick shortcuts to make May Week easier.

Five Radio 4 Programmes for the End of Term

The best from the wireless to help you at this difficult time.

Tab Grammar Quiz

Think you know it all eh? Test yourself on our grammar quiz.

Cambridge Misconceptions

Thought you knew Cambridge? Well think a-bloody-gain!


CHARLIE DOWELL reviews caffeinated beverages in the wake of exam prohibition.