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Molly O'Connor
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Mystic Molly’s Exam Term Horoscopes

Don’t stress, your grades are written in the stars

How to be recruited by MI6

Step 1: Don’t write an article about getting recruited by MI6

How to make the most of the Christmas holiday

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel

The bitchiest lines from Milo Yiannopoulos’ Tab reviews

Are you that surprised he got his start at The Tab?

A freshers’ guide to library etiquette

Or how not to get shot by angry finalists

CUSU cock up: NUS award entry filled with lies

As if nominating yourself for an award isn’t sad enough

Teen hackerman attacks Cambridge library website

Fear the CompScis

How to ditch the weirdo you regret making friends with in Freshers’ Week

We all have that one ‘friend’

How to smash the week five blues

Show sadness who’s boss

The best places to drink about the US election

We’re gonna need a lot of booze to get through this.

Cambridge sports teams tell off Trump

They’re calling time on ‘locker-room talk’

A beginner’s guide to impressing your home friends

Or how to trick them into thinking Cambridge life is normal

Which Bake Off contestant is your college?

We can’t all be Selasi

Go the fuck to sleep

You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

The right way to date in Cambridge

How to find love in a hopeless place.

Freshers’ week is over, try to not panic

Molly talks you through how not to lose your cool when reality starts to set in

Compulsory consent workshop left empty as not one fresher turns up

If a consent workshop occurs but no one is there to hear it, did it even happen?

Alcohol and you: How to not make an utter tit of yourself during freshers’ week

A relationship with alcohol is a personal one.

Here’s everything you’ll need to survive Freshers’ week

Do you prioritise the toastie maker or the drugs?

Students descend on Sidney gardens for decadence and excess

Much alcohol, very May Week.

Could you be the next Tab mafia boss?

We’re recruiting Senior Editors for Michaelmas 2016

BREAKING: NUS employee breaks referendum rules

Tsk tsk NUS.

BREAKING: CUSU passes motion for NUS referendum

FINALLY we have an answer.

LIVE BLOG: Rugby Cuppers Final- FT CCK 24-29 ECRFC

After a close stop start game Emma emerge as Rugby Cuppers 2016 Champions.


It’s going to be bleating brilliant.

The Tab mafia is recruiting

We’re making you an offer you can’t refuse

Jewish human rights group furious at Palsoc’s mock checkpoint

They might be bringing legal action.

Acting Up: The ADC’s weirdest behind the scenes stories

So much drama

Flicked off: ADC show cancelled after rights fiasco

They seem to have forgotten they’d given exclusive rights to the National Theatre.

The real diversity problem: Proportion of poorest Cambridge students drops over last decade

Ten years ago students from poorer backgrounds made up one in eight of Oxbridge entrants

Overly affectionate Facebook couples need to stop

If you think this could apply to you, it almost certainly does

EXPLOSIVE: ‘Bomb’ discovered at Cambridge Rail Station

The area surrounding the station has been evacuated.

SciSoc invites sexist UCL exile Sir Tim Hunt to speak

‘Let me tell you about my trouble with girls, three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry’

Students bash innocent bystanders after fight over woman in Cindies

Probably still less dodgy than Spoons

State of the Union: Charlotte Ivers wins presidential election

And by a landslide: 517, to Sachin Parathalingam’s 304 votes.

The best of the best: Best Bums through the ages

Are you ready for this jelly?

Pack up and leave: International students under assault at Downing

It’s an international incident.

Which Shakespeare character is your college?

31 colleges, all alike in dignity, in fair Cambridge where we lay our scene.

REVIEW: Frankenstein

Molly O’Connor wishes this show had stayed in the grave.

Pembroke Players president protests preposterous prices at playhouse

For everyone who’s ever thought ‘Gee, I wish my Nando’s Card worked for plays.’

An interview with The Footlights

The Tab sits down with tour show director Ken Cheng and performers Adrian Gray, Archie Henderson and Eleanor Colville to talk about freshers, being funny and their new show.

REVIEW: Beluga

Flo Best and Ellen McGrath had a whale of a time and surprisingly learned a bit about belugas along the way.


Corpus playroom’s small theatre space lends itself to the intense feeling of claustrophobia in LAUNCH.

REVIEW: The Taming of the Shrew

Molly O’Connor came to this show with high expectations and they were certainly met.

REVIEW: Hippo Concerto

Dani Cugini and Robyn Bellinger thoroughly recommend this rambunctious one man show.

Tab Guide to doing a one man show

We met the men behind Beluga and Hippo Concerto, both on at Corpus this week

Another £100,000 please! CUSU is CU-Screwed after finance goes astray

Believe it or not, they’ve been bailed out

Interview with CAST 2015: The Taming of the Shrew

We sat down with Toby Marlow (the tamer) and Kate Reid (the shrew) to find out about Shakespeare, Americans and life on the road.

The Tab chats to Cambridge’s first feminist comedy night

Chris Waugh and James Wilkinson tell all about the predominance of cis white males in comedy and how to fix it.