May Bumps: Final Day Round Up

As the dust settles, and your hangovers from BCD have subsided just in time for the afternoon’s festivities, lets take a look at the final day of May Bumps 2012. […]

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As the dust settles, and your hangovers from BCD have subsided just in time for the afternoon’s festivities, lets take a look at the final day of May Bumps 2012. Despite some drama in the early divisions from avian attired animal rights protesters and an ambulance needing to be called in the W4 division, the marshals did an admirable job and the day went off went well. 

There was no change of Headships this year in contrast to last year, Downing W1 decisively put to bed early season rumours that they might have been at risk. The only boat that looked like they had a chance, Newnham, barely put a scratch on them. Caius meanwhile were to quote a certain magenta wearing Boatman “in a class of their own”, crossing the line with a significant margin on second place Downing. Downing too had a sizeable margin on third place Jesus, scuppering their hopes for Blades. As the entirety of the Caius crew will also be here next year, this could be, in the words of captain Gordon Beck “the start of a Dynasty”.

Homerton stormed through to win the most Mitchell cup points from the event, with their M3 in particular earning an enviable +6 set of Blades. Queens’ having entered the most boats, did well to come home with the second, and whilst their top boats didn’t have so great a time, such size of squad can only bode well for the future. The club that caused a real stir in the men’s side though, is Girton, with both their first and second Men’s boats earning blades, the future’s bright for Girton men.

Girton bring it home

On the Women’s side, after an incredible first 3 days, pulling off a perfect score of 9 out of 9, Murray Edwards were denied at the last hurdle. Both their first and second boats fell victim to Bumping out ahead before they got their chance. Jesus had a mixed bag, their women had a brilliant end to the 4 days, taking their Blades and securing themselves second on the river.  Now with a whole year to train the ultimate goal is just one and a half boat lengths away, an opportunity they’ll be sure to grab with both hands. Jesus’s lower boats however, didn’t have such inspiring weeks, with their club earning the dubious accolade of the most Spoons.

Caius take the unconventional approach opting for 7 rowers



2 Downing I

3 Jesus I

4 LMBC I (+1)

5 FaT I (-1)

6 St Catherine’s I

7 Pembroke I

8 Queens’ I

9 Clare I

10 Fitzwilliam I

11 Christ’s I (+1)

12 Emmanuel I (-1)

13 King’s I (+1)

14 Magdalene I (-1) SPOONS

16 Girton I (+1) BLADES

16 Tit Hall I (-1) SPOONS

17 Homerton I (+2)

18 Churchill I (-1)


Solid showings from Girton and Caius earn the only Blades in a division that had a remarkably fragmented feel to it, with Queens’ guarding the gates at the middle. Jesus never seemed to really stand a chance, Downing dropping them in similar fashion to the way Caius dropped them. Magdalene and Tit Hall both had a miserable time, relinquishing their hard won footholds in the division. Congratulations too to Homerton and Girton for getting into the correct division.


Downing keep it cool at the front



2 Jesus I (+1) BLADES

3 Newnham I (-1)

4 Pembroke I

5 Clare I

6 Emmanuel I (+1)

7 Christ’s I (-1) SPOONS

8 Caius I

9 FaT I (+1)

10 Queens’ I (-1)

12 Tit Hall I (+1)


13 Girton I (+1)

14 St Cat’s I (-1)

16 Selwyn I (+1)

15 Magdalene I (-1)

17 Peterhouse I

18 Kings I


Epic performance from Jesus earns them some well deserved Blades, tempering the dreams of Newnham, who after early promise, couldn’t finish the job. No other Blades in the division but LMBC and Christ’s will both be hanging up their spoons over the ergs at the boathouse lest they forget. Caius were denied a final bump by the falling debris of Christ’s striking the bow of Emma, which was a disappointment after early season promise.


1 Churchill I (-1)

2 Robinson I (-1)

3 Peterhouse I (+1)

4 Downing II (-1)

5 Selwyn I (+1)

6 FaT II (-1) SPOONS


8 Caius II

9 St Edmund’s I (+1)

10 Jesus II (-1)

11 Sidney Sussex I

12 Pembroke II

13 Christ’s II (+1) BLADES

14 Wolfson I (-1)

15 Queens’ II (+1)

16 Corpus Christi I (-1)

17 Clare II (+1)

18 Anglia Ruskin I (-1) SPOONS


Christ’s II continue in much the same way, dispatching Wolfson to seal their Blades, FaT II continue their rapid descent earning Spoons for their trouble. Downing II do well to hold on to the second boat headship, though being Bumped on the final day is hardly how any boat would want to remember it. After the controversy of Selwyn getting LMBC II’s Bump disallowed, which in my personal opinion was a frankly terrible example of unsporting behaviour (see for yourself @ 1:35), they made short work of FaT II leaving LMBC II with a bitter taste.


1 Kings I (+1)

2 Churchill I (-1) SPOONS

3 Murray Edwards I

4 Sidney Sussex I (+1)

5 Pembroke II (-1)

6 Fitzwilliam I

7 Robinson I (+1)

8 Emmanuel II (-1)

9 Homerton I

10 Darwin I (+1)

11 Jesus II (-1) SPOONS

12 LMBC II (+1)

13 Newnham II (-1)

15 Downing II (+1)

14 Anglia Ruskin I (-1) SPOONS

16 Clare II

17 Caius II (+1)

18 Hughes Hall I (-1)


Murray Edwards will be cursing Churchill for the denial, but there’s little more that could’ve been done and that’s just how the luck of Bumps plays out. Homerton too suffered the same fate but fair play to Emma for pulling out that row over on the third day, thereby minimising the damage and dodging Spoons. Jesus II continued down apace and can now eat soup safe in the knowledge that they’ve got the tools required. Caius II also had a good day, bringing them to +4 for the week, and after the drama of that Corpus crash and subsequent row over, their Captain decided to award them discretionary Blades.


1 Clare II

2 Hughes Hall (+1)

3 Darwin (-1) SPOONS

4 First and Third III (+3) OVERBUMP BLADES

5 Selwyn II (+1)

6 Emmanuel II (-1)

7 St. Catharine’s II (-3)

8 Peterhouse II

9 Lady Margaret III

10 Robinson II

11 Girton II (+1) BLADES

12 Trinity Hall II (-1)

13 Magdalene II

14 Fitzwilliam II

15 Queens’ III (+1)

16 Emmanuel II (-1)

17 Kings II (+1)

18 Churchill II (-1) SPOONS


Congratulations to FaT III for a fantastic way to earn those Blades, probably the most satisfying way possible. Girton II also wrote the closing chapter earning themselves Blades, a very strong showing from the Girton Men’s side. Darwin and Churchill proved they’re not fittest and lost the war, earning Spoons.


1 Hughes Hall I (-1)

2 Wolfson (-1)

3 Christ’s II(+1)

4 Trinity Hall II (-1)

5 Queens’ II (+1)

6 Corpus Christi (-1) SPOONS

7 Pembroke III (+1)

8 Selwyn II (-1)

9 St. Catharine’s II(+1)

10 Girton II (-1)

12 First and Third II (+1)

12 Magdalene II (-1) SPOONS

13 Murray Edwards II

14 Newnham III (+1)

15 Emmanuel III (-1)

16 Clare Hall

17 Christ’s III (+2) BLADES

18 Sidney Sussex II (-1)


Firstly an apology to Murray Edwards for miscalling that one, it was unfortunately missed as the results were confirmed either side of the change over, now back to business. Congratulations to Christ’s III for a cool performance, enjoy your Blades. Commiserations to Murray Edwards, a technical row over is little consolation in the end. Corpus’s Spoons were always a virtual certainty after that first day, and Queens’ II did the honours.


1 Churchill II (-1) SPOONS

2 Caius III

4 Downing III (+1)

3 Pembroke III (-1)

6 Clare III (+1) BLADES

5 Clare Hall (-1)

7 Wolfson II

8 Darwin II

9 Selwyn III

10 Jesus III

11 St. Catharine’s III

13 Christ’s III (+1) BLADES

12 Trinity Hall III (-1)

14 First and Third IV

15 Corpus Christi II

17 Homerton II (+1)

16 St. Edmund’s II (-1) SPOONS

18 Christ’s IV (+1)


A division marred by chaos, once again apologies for not calling this on the day, but as you might remember it was pretty heated. At the top King’s II got their revenge Bump bringing them back to where they started, and further down Clare and Christ’s brought their game, and got Blades for their trouble whilst Eddie’s and Churchill adopted the position and Spooned.


1 Christ’s III (+1)

2 Homerton II 

3 Fitzwilliam II (+1)

4 St Edmunds (-1) SPOONS

5 Peterhouse II (+1)

6 Jesus III (-1) SPOONS

7 King’s II (+1)

8 Darwin II (-1) SPOONS

9 Hughes Hall II (+1)

10 Queens’ III (-1)

11 Murray Edwards III (+1) BLADES

12 Selwyn III (-1)

13 Lady Margaret III (+1) BLADES

14 Pembroke IV (-1)

15 Trinity Hall III (+1)

16 Clare III (-1)

17 Robinson II

18 Sidney Sussex III SPOONS


The division that caught the lion’s share of the drama, first the Swan protesters, and then a collision that resulted in medical attention for the Jesus stroke woman, from all us at the Tab, we hope you’re better now. 4 sets of Spoons are awarded to this division, the most for a division this Bumps, but amidst all the gloom, there’re rays of light in the form of Murray Edwards and LMBC who both earned Blades.


1 Christ’s IV (+1)

2 Jesus IV (-1) SPOONS

3 Hughes Hall II (+1) BLADES

4 Magdalene III (-1)

5 First and Third V (+1)

6 Lady Margaret IV (-1) SPOONS

7 Sidney Sussex II

8 King’s III (+1) BLADES

9 Pembroke IV (-1)

10 Queens’ IV (+1) BLADES

11 Robinson III (-1)

12 Girton III (+1)

13 Sidney Sussex III (-1)

14 Magdalene IV (+1) BLADES

15 Caius IV (-1)

16 Jesus V

17 Clare IV (+2) BLADES


5 sets of Blades gives the M5 division the accolade of the most Blade heavy division, this isn’t entirely unsurprising because this far down the speed differentials between crews can get pretty dramatic, allowing a strong crew to wipe out a weaker one in as little as 30 strokes.Special mention to Magdalene IV and Clare IV for their +5 Blades, a strong effort.


1 Lady Margaret V (-1)

2 Fitzwilliam III (-1)

3 Queens’ V (+3) OVERBUMP BLADES

4 Emmanuel IV (+1)

5 Corpus Christi III (-1)

6 Christs V (-3) OVERBUMP

7 Homerton III (+1) BLADES

8 Selwyn IV (-1)

9 Darwin III

10 Downing IV

11 Queens’ VI (+1)

12 Girton IV (-1)

13 First and Third VI (+1)

14 Clare V (-1)

15 Emmanuel V (+1)

16 Robinson IV (-1) SPOONS

17 Corpus Christi IV (+1)

18 Sidney Sussex IV (-1)


This division kept to tradition and were the most dramatic by far all week, from a TRIPLE Overbump by Darwin, to the best Bump of the week, the Overbump that Queens’ V closed their campaign with, I’ve on good account that it was a thriller and a testament to the ballsy efforts of the crew.


That brings this years May Bumps coverage to an end, for those with Blades, Congratulations, and those with Spoons, remember the moment come winter. Thank you, and Good Night!