Why which college you go to matters

It has a huge influence

Where to find the best music in May Week

This is the most exciting time of the year for music fiends

Do we all secretly wish we were at John’s?

Or would we rather be at Oxf*rd?

Which political slogan is your college?

We can’t all be ‘strong and stable’

News Column: Cambridge conspiracies and Sidney knifed in the back

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SHIT COLLEGE: the central ones

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Which Katy Perry song is your college?

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News Column: Girton gets a pounding and Jesus turns water into wine

Read it to be sure it isn’t about you

The Tab’s Guide of Do’s and Don’ts for Caesarian Sunday

Sunday is supposed to be Fun-day, don’t make it Chun-day

ELECTION LIVEBLOG: Daisy leads by SEVEN votes in our poll

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Everything wrong with Christmas in Cambridge

Bah humbug

Famous artist DEFACES painting with ‘Hitler moustache’ at Jesus College dinner

Call the college dean

So you’re at Cambridge. The question is, are you the Second Coming?

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REVEALED: Cambridge’s top ten most notorious drinking societies

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Clean Bandit to DJ at Jesus May Ball

No place we’d rather be.

XELI-NDERELLA STORY: poem exchanged for Jesus May Ball ticket

After a week of poetic pleas for a ticket, the Tab can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that first year Xelia Mendes-Jones WILL be going to the Ball.

Caesarian Sunday: The Playlist

Get pumped (hopefully not your stomach) with these tunes.

WHAT TO WEAR: Caesarian Sunday

Police hats obligatory.

Jesus horse MOUNTED for Shakespeare performance

English finalist Will Dalrymple marked Shakespeare’s Deathday by reciting a speech atop the famous sculpture. 

Jesus College alum throws tantrum after removal of bronze cock

Disgruntled Jesus alumnus disinherits college in order to protest the removal of the Benin bronze.