Robert Smith: Culture Vulture

After an evening of free alcohol ROB SMITH brings you the cultural highlights of next week only a couple of hours later than usual.

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After last week’s outburst I promise that Culture Vulture will be a more relaxed affair this week. My parents are down for the weekend and I’m enjoying all the benefits of free food and drink as well as conversation about things that exist outside of the bubble. The free drink part of that last sentence explains why Culture Vulture is a couple of hours late this week as well.

You all know the drill by now: I recommend some things that you almost certainly won’t do with the occasional snarky comment thrown in for good measure. Seriously this column could write itself most weeks. With that in mind, if anyone wants to write my column for me next week contact me at [email protected] I can’t pay you any money but I can lend you a delightful essay on Spinoza and Biblical Criticism.

Art: Cambridge County and Folk Museum are running their Glitz and Glamour exhibition of accessories from Victorian era and beyond. Just remember if you see something you like, you can’t have it no matter how much you drunkenly plead with the staff.

Food and Drink: It’s RAG Beer festival time again with 20 real ales and 10 ciders. My friend Alex has organised it, so mention my name to her at the bar and who knows, you might get a cheeky half free.

Music: Sixties music aristocracy The Hollies are at the Corn Exchange on Thursday. For those of more modern (read ‘shit’) tastes, Tinchy Stryder on Monday might be a better bet. It’s sold out already, so those wishing to see future heads of government throwing gang signs (I’m sure St Paul’s has one) and grinding each other (ironically of course dahling) better deal with the touts.

Film: A good week at the Arts Picturehouse with modern Mexican classic (according to my girlfriend) El Violin playing on Friday. Followers of Randian objectivism (there’ll be some at Cambridge trust me) will delight at seeing Gary Cooper in the screen adaptation of The Fountainhead the following day.

Television: How could I not mention the hilarious Spoons Stories? I thought the Rah Count would never be surpassed but it seems I was wrong. Charlie Lyons and co should watch out.

Union: It’s the big one tomorrow: Jesse Motherfucking Jackson. I’d probably start camping out now to avoid disappointment. Also a personal mention in next week’s column to anyone who asks him what he meant when he said he was ‘sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust’.