Oktoberfest in March

A night of Lager, lederhosen, and lots of fun.

REVEALED: Cambridge’s cheapest pint

A Tab investigation into the college bars of the bubble

A totally respectable guide to healthy drinking

If you’re gunna do it, do it right

The News Bulletin, Week 4: Cantab cretins, editorial errors & upset Evangelical hipsters

Jack Benda and Ellie Olcott round up the weekly news

Dry January? Amateurs, try dry life.

I’d love to tell you I’m not smug, but I just am.

Beer-dy weirdy: A review

CHARLIE BELL and XAQUIN CASTRO DOPICO go on a serious investigation to see how many beards they can find at the Cambridge Beard Festival, proudly run by CAMRA.

Why I’m voting UKIP

Former CUCA Chairman and disappointed Tory CALLUM WOOD thinks dismissing UKIP out of hand is ultimately silly

CUSU: When was the last time you said sorry?

She’s been working FOR YOU all night, and here’s what FLICK OSBORN has to say. Listen up y’all, cos she ain’t sorry.

Tab Tries: Grantchester

One sunny Wednesday, BETH SWORDS, IZI GOODER and IONA LOVERIDGE popped the bubble and braved the outside world.

Essential Exam Term Excess

The library isn’t your prison…yet. Get out and enjoy these events before exam stress takes over.

Cambridge Bombs In Booze Survey

New survey results show students at nearly every other uni drink more than the average Cambridge student.

Interview: Al Murray

My first Fringe show was described as ‘the worst show on the Fringe.’ ELENA PALA has a white wine with legendary pub landlord AL MURRAY.

The Real Deal

HUGO JONES on why his favourite tipple is real ale – and the best places in Cambridge to procure the dark stuff.

Cambridge Pub Map

Pub crawls just got much, much easier: it’s every pub in Cambridge, on a map.

Uncle A Solves Banter Bother

This week, Uncle A dispenses wisdom on that most elusive of social skills: banter

Twin Atlantic

DAVID HOLLAND chats to and reviews up and coming rockers Twin Atlantic at The Haymakers.

BBQ Summer?

The Tab’s in-house booze-hound TOM MICHAELIS talks us through some summer cocktails. Recreational drinking does not mean you have a problem.

Exam Term Enigmas

LUCY ALDOUS takes a look at examination traditions – and discovers beer, swords and wooden spoons.

Jack The Lad

Pussy, Pints and Parties: a way of life for RHEMAYO BROOKS?

Pubs of Cambridge #5: The Eagle

The Tab braves the Eagle and is not very positive about said establishment.