BLOCKAGE ON THE CAM: Man trying to save swans causes Boat Race chaos

He just wanted the rowers to stop swanning around

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Yesterday‘s Christmas Head Boat Race was almost cancelled as a result of a blockage of the River Cam by a man refusing to move his barge.

Last years head boat race

The individual, known locally as ‘the swan feeder’, is thought to have protested before on this same issue. It is not the first time the problem has occurred, as a team of rowers accidentally killed a duckling in last year’s Bumps when it became tangled in the oars.

There have been other reported incidents of cygnets and swans being at risk due to rowing on the Cam – fowl behaviour if you ask us.

The protest was not entirely a success, as only one division was cancelled, with the other races going ahead. However, it certainly drew attention to the man – who owns a YouTube channel under the name of ‘Shabadoo Productions’ – where he films Cambridge rowers and argues that the popularity of the sport is harming wildlife.

The YouTube channel

Things took a serious turn as it has been reported that the man was arrested on suspicion of assault. It is thought that the man became angry after having been asked to move his barge.

Speaking to the Cambridge Newsa spokesman for the police revealed: “We were called at 12:30PM [on Saturday] to reports of a man blocking the river with his boat in a bid to try and stop the race.”

Guess he won’t be barging into any more rowing events.