DEATH ON THE CAM? Duckling disaster during bumps

He quacked it

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In a tragic turn of events that has even been picked up by national newspapers, a crew accidentally killed a duckling during bumps on Friday. 

A crew of eight mowed through a family of ducks, including a mother and her ten children, tangling one in the oars and killing it in the process.

Battle for bumps victory resulted in tragedy

Onlookers cried out to the crew to change direction to avoid the brood, yet it proved too late for the duckling.

This comes after several discussions about the battle between wild fowl and boaties on the Cam, with concerns raised earlier this month about overtly aggressive swans. It seems now the boaties are fighting back.

The wild fowl fight back

This story has received widespread, and somewhat sensationalised coverage in the national press, with one outlet proclaiming “It is not the first time students at prestigious Cambridge University have been accused of killing baby ducklings during the event”.

Is this fowl play or a viable attempt to win bumps?