DEATH ON THE CAM? Duckling disaster during bumps

He quacked it

Swan terrorises defenceless punters

And he likes the taste of champagne

Birdwatching in Cambridge

SEBASTIAN TRILL shares his pearls of wisdom about Cambridge’s birds.

Asbo Swan Son In Cow Conflict

The son of infamous swan Mr Asbo, “Asboy”, has brought terror back to the Cam after getting in a fight with an innocent cow.

Hit-and-Punt Shunt

The river yobs strike again as a child’s finger is broken on the Cam. LOUIS DURKAN reports.

Mr ASBO: A Tab Tribute

Mr. ASBO has finally been moved from the Cam, to the delight of rowers and journos alike.

Asbo-lute Shambles: Psycho Swan Not Going Anywhere

Rowers are raging as riverside terror and hate figure Mr Asbo is to stay in Cambridge for his own welfare.

Flipping The Bird: Mr ASBO Out

Mr ASBO’s reign of terror on the Cam could finally come to an end.

Swanning About Sidgwick

Stupid swans stopped traffic by the Sidgwick site on Friday after settling down for a kip in the road.


Mr ASBO, Cambridge’s most dangerous swan, is set to return to the Cam any day now.

Sore-Toe ASBO Swan

Every Cam-user’s feathered best friend has been removed from the river and is currently undergoing treatment for arthritis in his toe.

Virtual Punt Tour

Punting, without the price-tag: KATIE MAIR leads you down The Backs on a virtual tour of Cambridge’s historic waterway.

Swan Song For Mr ASBO?

Mr ASBO’s days on the river could be numbered after Cam Conservancy decided to request for its removal.

Best Friends? ASBO-lutely!

As Natural England prepares to rule on whether to remove Mr Asbo from the river, 55-year old ‘Battleship Bob’ comes out in his defence.

Animals Do The Sportiest Things

Mr Asbo’s illustrious predecessors

ASBOlutely: the Return of the Killer Swan

After terrorising boaties last year, rowers have made a desperate appeal to the Queen for the permanent removal of the “ASBO Swan” from the river Cam.

Boaties attacked by ‘Asbo’ swan

A rogue swan has attacked several rowers…