Swanning About Sidgwick

Stupid swans stopped traffic by the Sidgwick site on Friday after settling down for a kip in the road.

bird Bus herding Sidgwick swan swans

Swans caused havoc around the Sidgwick site on Friday by bring traffic to a halt.

Two silly swans decided to settle down in the middle of West Road and refused to move for around 15 minutes.

Swan v Bus

St John’s 3rd year Lexi Abrams, who witnessed the swan commotion, said: “All the buses were stopping, dozens of students were stopping and taking photos. We called the police, the RSPCA and the RSPCB but no one came.”

Johnian fellows are the only people besides the Royal family who can eat swan, but none were on hand to devour the birds. Instead, Abrams and others opted instead to help the swans.

She said: “About 6 of us helped get them out of the road. They stood on West Road for about 10 minutes but it took us nearly 45 minutes to get them back in the river.”

Concerned bystanders eventually resorted to herding the birds with sticks.

Swan herding

It’s not the first time swans have caused trouble for Cambridge residents. Boaties are constantly on the look out for the dreaded ASBO Swan, who returned to the Cam earlier this year. Whether ASBO was behind this latest incident is anyone’s guess.