The Tab’s Best Dressed on Sidgwick Site

Walk, walk fashion baby

Holocaust denial flyers displayed around Sidgwick

The antisemitic flyers told people to get the ‘plain facts of the matter’.

Everything I hate about the Sidgwick Site

Read this even if you’re a NatSci for a dose of Schadenfreude

Admit it, cycling in Cambridge is shit

‘Careful, it’s a one-way system’

BREAKING: First Year Italian exam cancelled

Reports of a ‘serious problem’ led to people being told to leave the exam room

Style Stalker – Week 2

For this week’s edition, ANNA WHITE recognizes the best-dressed students dotted around the Sidgwick Site

I changed subject in freshers’ week and I have no regrets

I told my interviewer that I chose Theology because it aided my ‘understanding of my own existence’ and that John’s Gospel was the total fire of my loins

The Sidgwick Papers

Mr. Nicholas Nickel and Mr. David Copperwire record their observations on a bold journey of discovery into a corner unknown to the scientist: The Sidgwick Site.

Dress Like Your Subject

Is there more to dressing like your subject than Englings in vintage jumpers? SOPHIA VAHDATI investigates.

Octavia Sheepshanks: Week 4

This week, OCTAVIA turns her attention to the world of dreams.

A Vicious Cycle

FELIX NUGEE explains how finding his stolen bike wasn’t enough.

Swanning About Sidgwick

Stupid swans stopped traffic by the Sidgwick site on Friday after settling down for a kip in the road.

Birds Fly Into Cambridge

Mysterious posters of birds have appeared across Cambridge today, ruffling some feathers.

Why Not Review: Libraries

The Tab recommends where to get down and dirty, with a leaking ink pen and a pile of books.

Review: Monteverdi Vespers

LIZZIE BENNET: ‘Monteverdi’s Vespers, first performed (it is generally believed) in 1610, were giving an airing on Friday night in the Hall of Girton College, and the result was spectacular.’