Swan terrorises defenceless punters

And he likes the taste of champagne

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Something resembling the Jaws trilogy has begun on our quaint River Cam. 

The grandson of River Cam’s famous angry swan is believed to be at large.

It began with Mr Asbo – the vicious swan who terrorised the calm ripples of River Cam by attacking defenceless rowers out for morning training in 2009.

But even rowers weren’t enough for this bloodthirsty bird. After beginning to go after larger vessels near Fen Ditton, Mr Asbo was relocated in 2012 to prevent further trauma to young athletes.

Unbeknown, he left behind his vengeful young cygnet, Asboy, who developed a nasty temper just like his father. And so, in true Jaws style, similar attacks started happening again last summer.

The ferocious creature up close

And it doesn’t stop there for the aggressive family of swans. Punters and rowers are now scared to venture out after terrifying attacks by the newest generation, Asbaby.

Some have said Asbaby is just as bad, if not worse, than his grandfather Mr Asbo. He allegedly injured a canoeist and a swimmer on Easter Weekend.

Harry Crossell, 65, who lives near the river, said: “He is even more vicious than his father and grandfather.

“(He) sticks his neck right into the punts and boats to nip passengers. I’ve seen him chasing after punts and taking their picnics.

Pickpockets and swans. They’re all the same.

“Once I even saw him put his beak around a bottle of champagne.

“It’s terrifying for river users and it’s making people think twice about going out on the water.”

“You say something, bruh?”

Currently, there are no plans to relocate Asbaby.

The Queen protects the swans, but who protects us?

Photo Credits: Geoff Robinson Photography