Asbo Swan Son In Cow Conflict

The son of infamous swan Mr Asbo, “Asboy”, has brought terror back to the Cam after getting in a fight with an innocent cow.

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Infamous boatie-baiting swan “Mr Asbo” was a terror on the River Cam for years.

Vicious Mr Asbo hassled rowers, attacked punts, and scrapped with TV’s beloved ‘animal communicator’, Michelle Childerley.

Now Asbo’s son, nicknamed Asboy, has stuck his beak in, causing trouble on the Cam once again.

Waddling in the infamous footsteps of his old man, Asboy, 2, picked a fight with a cow on the Mill Pond towpath – and lost.

Asboy had beef with a young black cow, known as Pat, but the swan gave ground to king of the ring cow and was pushed back into the river.

Cambridge breathed a sigh of relief in 2012 when Mr Asbo was finally moved away by conservationists after years of his cygneture attacks on our river.

But the peace was short-lived. Fulfilling his father’s legacy, Asboy has since become the new scourge of the stream.

Last Sunday the vile creature pecked and tried to drown another swan, holding its neck under the water.

Students on and off the water have fallen victim to Asboy’s wicked ways. Tom Balderstone, who lives near the Cam, says ‘the fucker invades my garden sometimes and I can’t leave the house when he’s there. It’s awful.

Given St John’s College can eat swan, and we hate Asboy and his clan, isn’t there some kind of two birds, one stone solution here?’

Whatever happens, here’s hoping the future has much less swanning about for Asboy.