Animals Do The Sportiest Things

Mr Asbo’s illustrious predecessors

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Over the past few weeks Mr Asbo has menaced all those who have dared to float their boat on the Cam. Whether it’s lithe boaties in one pieces to Adrian Chiles’s minions, Mr Asbo has made his presence known.

Tab sports brings you some other instances where animals have interfered in the world of sport.

It’s just not cricket – Jacques Rudolph kills a pigeon

During a Roses Twenty20 in June 2009 a routine throw to the wicketkeeper turned into an avian murder as the ball smashed into a pigeon flying across the ground. Rudolph sheepishly carried the dead bird to the boundary to cheers from the lairy crowd. Lancashire went onto win the match by 5 wickets.


New Balls please – Tiny bird takes one for the team in Tennis

An Australian open doubles match in January 2002 proved largely unforgettable except for an incident involving a fiercesome forehand and a tiny bird. The bird, thought to be a house martin, had instinctively chased a moth across the court of the Rod Laver arena only to be struck by a ball hit by Michael Llodra. Julian Boutter, playing alongside fellow Frenchman Arnaud Clement, was the first to respond and his touching reaction can be seen in the clip below. Llodra and Santoro went on to win a hard-fought 6-3 3-6 12-10 win to book a place in the final. After the match Llodra stated “I didn’t do it deliberately. But at least I saved the moth.”


Finch Hitter – Dove vs. Baseball – Saturday 24th March 2001

Perhaps the most famous instance of animal interference occurred in a game of baseball. During a spring training game Randy “big unit” Johnson playing for the Arizona diamond backs threw a fast ball that struck a dove swooping across the field. Hit at a speed of approximately 95mph the bird virtually exploded “amid a sea of feathers”. The official call was “no pitch”.

Hung drawn and Quarter Back – Deer Interferes

A pick up game of American football in Wintersville, Ohio in October 2007 turned into mayhem with the arrival of an irate deer. A 7 year old boy was charged by the animal which flipped him with its antlers leaving him with bruises and a gash. According to Wintersville police officer Art Fowler jr. two bucks had been preparing to fight when the boy, Brandon Hiles, came between them. Hiles’ 9 year old friend Wyatt Pugh fought off the dear with a stick.

Jumpin’ Jack Crash – Kangaroo hit by V8 racecar

In 2007 a stray Kangaroo wandered onto the track of the Bathurst 1000 in New South Wales Australia. Faced with oncoming traffic consisting of V8 cars travelling at speeds of over 100mph the Kangaroo had little chance.


Will Mr Asbo meet a similar end?