Sore-Toe ASBO Swan

Every Cam-user’s feathered best friend has been removed from the river and is currently undergoing treatment for arthritis in his toe.

asbo swan cam mr asbo Rowing swan

‘Mr ASBO’, the boatie-bothering swan, is currently being treated for an arthritic toe.

After a member of the public made the RSPCA aware that the bird was experiencing difficulties on the Cam, he was transported to the RSPCA Norfolk Wildlife Hospital for treatment. The toe may have to be amputated.

He is unlikely to find much sympathy from the Cambridge rowing community – earlier in the year the Cam Conservancy group tried to get the bird evicted, and the swan has earned his unflattering nickname from repeatedly attacking University rowers.

Mr ASBO leaving his cygneture on unsuspecting boaties

However, Alison Charles, the manager of the centre treating the swan, defended his actions.

“In the wild he’s just doing what swans do, and defending his territory, but in here he’s perfectly lovely. He’s not an ASBO swan at all.” This may or may not be a consequence of Mr ASBO’s medication.

But amputation or no, his mallard-y is not thought to be very serious, and Mr ASBO will surely have made it back to The Cam by the start of term to say hello to all the new novices.