Varsity Match UNDER THREAT due to discrimination row

Oxford and Cambridge are really not seeing eye to eye over Varsity football

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It has been reported that the Varsity football match is under threat due to controversy about the location and the time of women’s Varsity matches. 

Oxford, the article stated, are eager to stage back-to-back matches in order to raise attention to both of the fixtures, with League Two Barnet offering an alternative location.

Cambridge, however, wish to keep the match in its traditional form of separate days and locations, with the men’s match at Fulham’s Craven Cottage and the women’s game at the Abbey Stadium.

An independent source told the Daily Mail that the discussions were serious enough to threaten the match itself: ‘Such are the ructions going on, there’s a possibility the Varsity match will not take place and there could be resignations on both sides. It’s got very personal.’

Importantly, this year it is Oxford’s time to organise the men’s match, leaving Cambridge responsibility for the women’s.

Members of the women’s Blues team have been contacted for comment.