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Revealed: Homophobia is rife in Cambridge clubs

LGBT+ women have reported being targeted by bouncers

Homophobia isn’t dead in Cambridge

‘Oi, gay night’s on Tuesday’

Varsity Match UNDER THREAT due to discrimination row

Oxford and Cambridge are really not seeing eye to eye over Varsity football

Being gay in a Muslim family

It’s time to stop using religious tolerance to defend intolerance

Cambridge may be the country’s gayest uni, but it’s still not easy

The wider world is a hard place

Jesse Jackson tells the Union “The playing field is not even”

73% of the chamber voted with Rev. Jesse Jackson that the American Dream is affected by race

I, Too, Am Cambridge – What Next…

Over the last couple of weeks, the ‘I, Too, Am…’ campaign has catapulted to Buzzfeed and Facebook fame. But is it really all it’s cut out to be?

On a Point of Information

The only people who should be shut out of a debate are those who haven’t informed themselves, argues TIM SQUIRRELL.

Minority Report

LANCE MAO uncovers the insidious side of racism in Cambridge.

Debate: Sexy at Sixty?

Is ageism is ever acceptable? Is it ever okay to see over-60s simulating sex on morning television?

Widening Access Is All of Our Responsibility

IIMAN ISMAIL explains that the root of the problem of lack of diversity is the number of state school and ethnic minority people who feel confident to apply.

Chav Scum?

FREDDIE STRACHAN on ‘the chav’.