Jonny Singer
Sidney, History Jonny started out as Sports Editor for the Tab in his second term in Cambridge, and has never left. After two terms at Sport and two at News he is now Editor, a task which is seemingly destroying any chance of getting a degree. When not at his laptop he can be seen about town looking ridiculous, disertating on football tactics, and refereeing in and around Cambridge. If he's booked you, he's sorry, but you probably deserved it.

Robinson May Ball 2013

JONNY SINGER had a blast at Robinson’s ‘budget ball’, which got pretty much everything right, just a bit more cheaply.

Footlights Tour Show 2013: Canada

JONNY SINGER is left disappointed by the Footlights’ latest offering, which is not quite up to scratch.

The Most Important Thing You’ll Do Today

JONNY SINGER tells you how you can save lives by giving up 15 minutes of your time this afternoon.

Brave Blues Beaten

So near yet so far for Rob Malaney’s side.


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Wills and Kate in Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge…in CAMBRIDGE!

Editorial: Assange Issue Highlights CUSU Questions

Julian Assange’s talk may have been cancelled, but it has raised questions about CUSU’s role as representative of the student body.

CUSU seeks to block Assange (Secretly)

In an email leaked to The Tab the CUSU Women’s Officer has called on supporters to force the Union to disinvite Julian Assange.

Fluent Fitz go top but Downing hard Dunn by

After an unlucky break in the first half Downing struggled to maintain their recent form, which Fitz capitalised upon leaving the champions to play catch up.

Shave Yourself the Hassle

This Movember Tab Editor JONNY SINGER wants you to forget the tash and remember what’s important.

Bowling For Soup

Tab Editor and self-confessed Bowling For Soup fanboy JONNY SINGER reports back on his childhood heroes.

Trenton Going to Jail

Trenton Oldfield has been sentenced to 6 months in jail for disrupting the boat race.

Fitz Robbers get 18 years

The four men found guilty of stealing from the Fitz have been jailed.

What the Crick: Caius scrap tribute

Caius have scrapped a tribute to a famous scientist amid fears of student vandalism.

Cambridge Guests New Vibe

A new website is working with The Tab to provide better deals for students in Cambridge.

UPDATE Trenton Pleads Not Guilty

The boat race swimmer is in court today.

Careless Whispers

Library Whispers shuts down after cases of cyber-bullying.

What a Duck-up!

Cam Conservators have been accused of attacking sitting ducks.

Culture Column: Jonny Singer

JONNY SINGER doesn’t speak ‘art’ and doesn’t want to learn.

UPDATE: Two Charged Over Fitz Robbery

Officers detain two men in relation to the Fitz robbery in London after Crimewatch appeal.