How to pull in the library

The ultimate study guide

Why Lent Term is the worst

Spoiler: it was reLENTless

A guide to facetiming your parents from Cambridge

Explaining how an iPhone works to your parents is so much more fun through an intermittent and blurred conversation

Apply NOW to be a Tab Section Editor

The Tab Mafia is opening its ranks

How dateable is your college?

Plenty of fish in the… pool colleges

The Tab Mafia is opening its ranks

CV points and BNOC fame up for grabs.

We met the guy who sings in the bin and he’s just as weird as anyone could have hoped

He got into it “for shits and giggles”

REVEALED: Queens’ student pursued for nine months by stalker using decapitated, ‘bloody’ rubber ducks

ABBIE COOMBS tells us about nine terrifying months of duck-based debauchery

Which ARCSOC event are you?

Have you ever wanted to know what // edgy event >> you’d be if your spirit was encapsulated in a // club night at Fez?

How to escape friends you accidentally made during Freshers

It must have been love, but it’s over now…and they need to go.

Better ways to spend your union membership fee

The Cambridge Union: a place where the paninis are cheap, the ceilings are high and the cost of membership could probably buy you a ranch in Ecuador.

Best places to have sex in Cambridge

With a colossal working week that functions as a libido-sucking black hole, many sad Cantabs ask themselves that sad question: “Will I ever have sex again?”

Yes, yes, yes – you will.

The Tab Meets: Dwain Chambers

JAMIE WEBB meets Dwain Chambers at the Union and tries to seperate the fact from the fiction.

The Tab Meets: Richard Parkins (that guy from the Union)

Probably the Union’s longest serving, most committed, and most recognisable member

Whine of the Week: Childhood Nostalgia

CHARLIE DOWELL hates your mistaken love of childhood.

Homelessness in Cambridge: The Tab Meets Sarah

In the first of a series of interviews with people sleeping rough around Cambridge, JAMIE WEBB talks to Sarah about her experiences of homelessness.

Tab Meets: Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show

MATILDA WATERS catches up with the brains behind The Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show (CUCFS)

The Tab Meets: This Space

JAMIE WEBB talks to MEGAN DALTON about her new mental health website, this space

16 Things You Absolutely Must Pack For Cambridge

Unsure what you’ll need at Uni? Fear not, quivering fresher: TED HILL is here to tell you exactly what to bring for your first terrifying Cantab term.

Tab Tries: Going Into The Future

ADRIAN GRAY goes into the future and all he does is check out The Tab…