Sam Ashbridge

Review: What’s Wrong With Angry?

A powerful gay drama set in 1992

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Review: ‘Detention: A Sketch Show’

Excellent comedy let down by a silly premise

ADC theatre to close for six months

The home of Cambridge theatre will undergo extensive renovation

Emmanuel College uses photo of Auschwitz on leaflet welcoming students to the college

The Dean has said that “it’s there because some of the choir went on a trip to Poland”

Cambridge University’s new Vice-Chancellor takes office

Professor Stephen Toope will be the 364th Vice-Chancellor of the University

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Lawyer investigating Cambridge student’s murder arrested in Cairo

Ibrahim Metwaly Hegazy could face up to five years in prison

I’ve never been as bored as I am right now

Get me back to Cambridge ASAP

Cambridge is getting its own Pride Festival

Pride is coming to Cambridge in 2018

Jeremy Corbyn ‘offers support and solidarity’ to striking Cambridge McDonald’s workers

They’re protesting over more secure working hours and a higher minimum wage

Caius PhD student killed in Burkina Faso attack

‘She had so much to offer the world and it is a tragedy for her to be lost so young.’

New ball coming to Cambridge this Michaelmas

The event, which is to promote support for mental health issues, has been endorsed by Richard Curtis

‘Shocking’ gender pay gap persists at Cambridge University

Just 14% of the highest earners are women

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