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BREAKING: James Blunt to SING at Cambridge Union

Who needs a Crushbridge when you can have this guy serenading you?

#CambridgeStudents Music Union

Singer-songwriter and generally good egg James Blunt has agreed to sing at the Union, it has been revealed. Having already been booked to speak on Wednesday evening, this is the first time any guest has agreed to sing in recent years.

Union President Jonah Surkes was delighted with the outcome, commenting: "James has kindly agreed to perform at the Union chamber in a rare, intimate setting. We are so excited to add this to a varied term card, and hope to see you singing along!"

Blunt shot to fame in 2004 as his debut album, Bedlam, sold over 11 million copies world-wide and provided bangers to Year 7 discos for many years to come. Once a British Army officer, he is renowned for his wit on Twitter, particularly when taking on trolls. Here are a few examples:

Before singing, Blunt will apparently take requests from the audience. You can put money on him finishing with 'Goodbye My Lover', but what song would you most like to hear tomorrow evening?