The Cambridge freshers’ playlist

We’ve got your pres sorted

Cambridge Cambridge University Freshers Week Music playlist songs

Here’s a selection of hand picked tunes to get your party started.

Alright / Supergrass – We are young and we are free! It comes as quite a shock during freshers’…

Escape The Nest / Editors – You’ve done it and escaped the nest!

Drinking From the Bottle / Calvin Harris – There’s a high chance you’ve forgotten something useful, like glasses, so it looks like you’re drinking from the (hopefully not vodka) bottle tonight.

Half Full Glass Of Wine / Tame Impala – Make sure you always have one of these in your hand, and only fill it halfway in case of pennying. Plus, if you want to seem indie to these people you’ve just met, put this song on.

Shots / LMFAO – You’re going to need to learn to pre-drink, and quick. What better way to learn than splashing out on Sainsbury’s Basics Vodka (you’ll warm to the taste) and taking a shot every time the word ‘shot’ is mentioned – simple.

Party Up In Here / DMX – If you haven’t met your neighbours properly yet, put this on at full volume and before you know it, the whole college will be partying in our room.

This Is The Life / Two Door Cinema Club – Enjoy a careless freshers week, because this really is as good as it gets.

Girls and Boys / Blur – so many girls and boys mixed together away from home for the first time, you know what’s going to happen, but you’ll likely get bored of one night stands by the end of freshers week.

Don’t Mug Yourself/ the Streets – Don’t make an idiot of yourself in freshers’ week, you’ll never live it down.

Regret / Everything Everything – Undoubtedly you’ll have many regrets during freshers’ week, but try not to make that sleeping with your neighbour, or it’ll be quite awkward for the next year.

Foals / Late Night – Best get used to those extremely late nights in the library speed typing essays, it’s not all fun and games. But don’t worry, Foals will get you through.

Still Ill / The Smiths – You WILL get freshers’ flu, you just will, and you’ll have to use this excuse to escape Cindies.

Homesick / Catfish and the Bottlemen – As fun as freshers’ week is, you’re bound to get homesick, or at least miss your dog.

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