May Ball

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Hughes Hall May Ball threatened with cancellation over ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer

The college said the trailer was overly-sexualised

Caius May Ball CHAOS as event postponed for a YEAR

The President can’t be in Cambridge this year so it has been postponed

REVIEW: Pembroke May Ball 2017

Absolutely worth it

REVIEW: Magdalene May Ball

I went to Magdalene expecting little. It turned out to be the best ball I’d ever been to.

REVIEW: St John’s May Ball 2017

Very impressive, but short of outstanding.

How to have great sex this summer

It’s getting hot in Cambridge… so take off all your May ball garms

Cambridge footballers punished by Jesus College for chanting about rape and sexual assault

Individuals shouted chants inciting rape to the infamous Chicago tune

How to make the most of May Balls

Get ready for absolute MAYhem

NEWS COLUMN: Ruinous Robinson and Pembroken

Read it to make sure it isn’t about you

Where to find the best music in May Week

This is the most exciting time of the year for music fiends

The Tab’s Guide to May Ball style

With these tips you’ll be BALLing

The Tab Guide to a week long post-exam bender

How to get in the bin and stay there

Do we all secretly wish we were at John’s?

Or would we rather be at Oxf*rd?

Queens’ May Ball Headliner Revealed

There’s something for everyone

Queens’ May Ball 2017 Theme Revealed

It’s something to do with travel.

A beginner’s guide to impressing your home friends

Or how to trick them into thinking Cambridge life is normal

May-Ballers of the Week

No one is safe

MAY BALL REVIEW: Trinity v John’s

Spoiler alert: Trinity was better*

The Tab’s Alternative Guide to May Week

Cambridge entertainment that won’t break the bank

EXCLUSIVE: St. John’s May Ball headliner revealed

Sucks to be you if you didn’t get a ticket.