Just a compilation of some of the best and most shocking things that have happened around BU this year

What a year

Another academic year has come to an end here at BU and what a year it’s been. We’ve had shocks, laughs, tears and all round good times aplenty. Here’s a list of some of the things that have happened this year that have really got the BU students going.

We arrived and Fusion was here

Groovy new building when you come back from summer? Yes please. Juice bar on the top floor? Go on. A cafe, a Starbucks and a Costa? You got it. All equipped with weird spinny seminar chairs? Yup, that too. It’s safe to say Fusion quickly became everyone’s favourite building, it’s just so fancy.

A BU student went viral with his fake John Lewis Christmas ad

In December the whole country waits patiently for the John Lewis Christmas ad. Last year it seemed to come early in the form of a touching story by BU student Nick Jablonka which follows a snowman’s countdown to Christmas day.

Nick, who made the video for his A level coursework said on his YouTube channel: “This definitely isn’t the official John Lewis advert.

“I really didn’t mean for the confusion. Although I really appreciate the overwhelming comments, I do believe this piece could do with a lot of work as it was done in around 2 weeks.”

He then went on Good Morning Britain and the video has over one and a half million views.

When BU thought that students didn’t need paper to do their exams

January exam season can be a stressful time as it is, not to mention when BU forget to print out half of your exam, make you wait in the exam hall for two hours whilst they print it before they run out of paper and give up. Oh Bournemouth what are you like?

That wasn’t quite the end of the saga, either. It then happened again. Yes again. More students were left stranded in an exam hall just days later when politics students resitting a previous exam were left paperless.

Oh and then if you weren’t around to resit the exam that’s fine! Take it when you’re on holiday! In a shanty town. In Cape Verde. Okay.

Picturesque exam sitting settings

The BU Vice Chancellor just decided to take a huge pay rise

February is known for being the depressing month. Well what’s more depressing than finding out the Vice Chancellor of your uni decided to take a 20% pay rise, to £305,000, whilst you sit in a freezing cold flat eating beans on toast for the 5th time in the week? Not a lot. But – each to their own I guess!?

BU alumni won MORE Oscars

As if BU haven’t done us proud enough when it comes to winning Oscar nominations, they only went and did it again this February. At least 63 graduates claim to have worked directly on 4 films nominated in the Visual Effects Award category, including The Jungle Book, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Dr Strange and Deepwater Horizon.

BH2 graced us with it’s arrival

Nandos. Prezzo. Ask Italian. Frankie and Benny’s. Five Guys. TGI’s AND a beautiful new Odeon cinema with RECLINING CHAIRS. Need I say more? It’s where I’ve been eating every day since it opened, and I have no regrets for it. Thank you BH2, please stay forever.

Inside BH2

SUBU Elections gave us all the year’s drama in one 

Ahhh March – the month where we find out who the new SUBU officers for the coming year are. Or two of them. Or wait, what they’ve been disqualified? There’s petitions of no confidence in who’s meant to be representing us? We still don’t know what’s going on? Hmmm yeah that.

Everyone went wild for a fake VK club

April Fool’s 2017 proved just how gullible Bournemouth uni students truly are. We told you that there was going to be a VK only club opening in Winton that would contain completely exclusive flavours. You swallowed it straight like a refreshing yellow VK. It was going to be in Winton – come on seriously.

A palace of lies

We had the biggest summer ball ever 

Summer ball is arguably the day that every BU student waits for. This year the wait felt longer than ever knowing that we had Chase and Status, My Nu Leng, fun fair rides, a silent disco and countless other things waiting for us at Chapel Gate.

This year we just had to go that step further though – I know, why don’t we just increase the capacity a bit? We’ve already got the biggest summer ball in the country so what’s 500 extra people?