EXCLUSIVE: A VK-only club is opening in Bournemouth that will feature completely new flavours

It’s set to be open for next year’s Freshers’ Week

A new club is going to be opening in Winton, and it will contain 5 all-new, all-exclusive VK flavours that can only be purchased there, The Tab can confirm.

The flavours are: Lemon, Watermelon, Blackcurrant, Peach and Pomegranate, which cannot be bought in stores or any other bar or club.

The venue of the club is on Wimborne Road, Winton, more commonly known as Winton high street.

The venue, Redhill Park fire station, has been empty for months

The Tab spoke to Mark Reed, the owner of the club, he said: “This is going to be huge. I went to uni in Bournemouth so when my brother said he had this opportunity with the owners of the VK brand, I knew exactly where I wanted it to happen.

“We plan to completely revolutionise Bournemouth student nights. They’ll be massive, but cheap. We plan to be pretty much selling the VKs at trade price. I’m really excited.”

We love u VKs

The Tab spoke to April O’Neill, head of promotions at the new venue, she said: “We are currently in talks about the opening night. We’re thinking circus acts, guest appearances and of course – VKs!”

There’s a few names in the mix for the club, including ‘The New Fire Station’ a spin off of the student union club name, The Old Fire Station. However Mark is worried this won’t go down well. He continued: “We want to make ourselves known, but without pissing off the other clubs. It’s just a thought for the name at the moment, we’re still undecided. We might do a competition for students to think of a name and then win like free entry for a year or something.”

The club is set to be open for September 2017, and will be host to Freshers’ events next academic year.

Watch this space.

Before you get too excited, check the date….?