Georgia Trodd

Georgia Trodd
Bournemouth University


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Bournemouth you’ve outdone yourself

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I just want to be a power puff girl every day tbh

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Just between us girlfriends, RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant AJA is coming to Bournemouth

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Shawty had them denim dungarees, multi-coloured hair (coloured haaaiiirrr)

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I’m calling it

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Send us your nominations

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Things they don’t tell you before coming to BU

Just because you’re by a beach doesn’t mean you’ll get a tan

I am the Bournemouth student who was in the Berlin terror attack

Pretty much everyone has heard about the attack on the Christmas market in Berlin during December by now. I was there.

‘Would you rather?’: The ultimate BU quiz

Would you rather have a Cameo life time ban or have to streak through Talbot Campus?